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A Night of Branding at the Currier Museum: Slide Deck

Doug Ridley

This week Vital Design joined marketing professionals from around New Hampshire to take part in the Currier Museum’s First Thursday. Each presenter spoke on an element of personal branding, and Vital’s topic was inbound marketing.

Here is an outline of my presentation.

  1. A brief overview of inbound marketing.
  2. Laying the foundation of inbound marketing using five pillars. These pillars use specific questions that help outline a strategy moving forward.
  3. The final piece uses the answers from the five pillars to create repeatable action items using an inbound marketing cycle.

Below is the slide deck from my presentation at the Currier Museum. If you have any questions on how your brand can leverage inbound marketing you can find us on Twitter or please leave us a comment below.

Inbound Marketing for Brands – Currier Museum Slide Deck from Vital_Design

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