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Six Social Networks You’re Not Using to Their Full Potential

You’ve probably noticed that Vital Design is into social media marketing. As a marketing agency, we try to keep up with the latest trends in social media and SEO. Most of you are already using, or at least familiar with, Facebook and Twitter,  but here are a few more social networks that may be an even better fit for your marketing strategy.  If you’re ready to expand beyond the power couple of Facebook and Twitter, here are six networks to start with.

1. YouTube

It’s the second-most searched site on the Internet, after Google. And guess what, Google owns it. If you can do a good job sharing your brand story, video can be powerful for creating a fast connection with your audience. You can even create a branded company channel that jibes with your website and other social channels.

Video can also be a great way to put faces and voices to your brand, and embedded video is a great way to give your blog posts a boost. Plus, when it’s done well, it’s very engaging.

2. LinkedIn

Think LinkedIn is just for job searchers and corporate climbers? Think again. If your business is B-to-B, a dedicated LinkedIn page is a must. You can set up a company page that includes individual tabs for your products and services, allowing visitors to check out your offerings without even leaving LinkedIn.  You can set up targeted landing pages for users from particular parts of the world or job titles. Your business blog post can be integrated into your page,  and  you can post status updates that show up in the update stream of your followers just like you see the updates from your connections. Plus, it’s another search result opportunity for your company.

3. Instagram

Instagram, a photo-sharing app for iPhones, has more than 12 million users (as of Oct. 2011) and 100,000 weekly downloads, according to co-founder Kevin Systrom. Instagram lets users set up accounts and share photos other Instagram users can see. Users can follow each other, like  they can on Twitter. The app has cool filters to make your photos look retro or, well, just better. The simple app has gained legions of devoted fans (potential clients for you). But the coolest part? Comments are searchable via hashtags and Twitter handle mentions. Another important element? It’s mobile–the new frontier for marketing. Check out Kanon Vodka for a brand that’s using Instagram well.

4. Pinterest

If your business sells things online to consumers, Pinterest is the place to be. This social sharing site (with a corresponding smart phone app) lets people share your products on their pinboards so their friends can see what they’re into. For example, it’s a popular practice for brides-to-be to set up pinboards for their weddings, sharing the dress, theme, location, napkins, lights, etc., that they’d like to see at their wedding.

Not surprisingly, many indie fashion retailers have also embraced the technology (Check out Brooklyn-based Of a Kind to see a cool Pinterest page). For a brand, it can be a great place to connect by sharing company culture, brand character – all those quirky things about brands and companies that really make up the relationship we have with them. Also, if images of your products are out there and people are pinning them on their pinboards,  that can add up to a big boost in the number of eyeballs on your products.

5. Reddit or StumbleUpon

These two bookmarking sites allow you to share sites, blog posts or other Web pages that you’re interested in. A popular topic on Reddit or StumbleUpon can bring an instant spike in website traffic. It can also give your company a good place to connect with audience members who have similar tastes or appreciation.

6. Google+

Google+ provides a new place for brands and businesses to connect with their audience. It’s brand-able in that  you can share your logo, images, location, and company thoughts, products and services. It’s not going away and its influence on search (at least in Google) probably can not be exaggerated. A lot of brands have set up pages, but many aren’t using Google+ to its full potential. We say stick with it!


Keep in mind that not all of these sites are going to work for everyone. Be realistic about what media your products and services will translate well into, and choose your social networks accordingly. It’s better to have three well-maintained social media accounts than fifteen orphaned ones. Confused? Whether you’re looking for social media marketing, SEO, custom landing pages for social sites, custom Twitter backgrounds….you name it, we can help! Contact Vital today or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

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