Answers to the 26 SEO Questions You Were Too Afraid to Ask

What’s in the ebook?

This 34-page guide will answer all your questions about improving your rank in search engines. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What Ranking Factors Does Google Consider?
    This ebook provides a list of all the ranking factors that matter to Google (and how heavily each factor is weighted).
  • What Will Get My Website Penalized?
    There are many tactics (and common mistakes) that can actually get your website penalized by Google, make sure you steer clear of these.
  • How Many Times Should I Use a Keyword?
    How many times (and where) on the webpage should I use a keyword in order for Google to rank it higher?
  • Does Social Media Impact Search Engine Rankings?
    Learn whether or not you should consider social media as a tactic to improve your rankings in Google.
  • How Do The Technical Aspects of SEO Work?
    Such as robots.txt file, alt tags, meta descriptions, indexing vs. crawling, and duplicate content.
  • How Do I Rank Higher in Search Engines?
    This ebook covers the three critical understandings all businesses must have in order to rank higher.