How to Use Webinars to Pivot Your Marketing

Tradeshows and conferences are canceled.

Everyone is working from home.

Marketers are scrambling.

The coronavirus has forced marketing departments everywhere to pivot many of their tactics overnight. Webinars represent a new tactical opportunity now that most events are canceled and people are working from home. Marketers need to move fast and get their webinar strategy in order to replace the revenue they were generating from other areas that just dried up.

What we go over in this webinar:
1. How to decide which marketing activities to pivot during a crisis
2. The framework to use to generate irresistible topics for your webinar(s)
3. How to write a compelling webinar offer
4. How to promote your webinar
5. Resources to set up, test, and run your webinar
6. What to include in your webinar slide deck
7. How to script your webinar (don’t just read your slides)
8. How to use your webinar recording post-webinar
9. How to nurture webinar attendees post-webinar

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to identify which marketing activities to pivot, strategize compelling webinar topics, get your own webinars up and running, and start generating webinar-based leads. Let’s do this!


Chris Getman – Chris is Vital’s director of digital marketing. He’s responsible for the strategy and execution of digital marketing tactics to help clients reach their goals.

Doug Ridley – Doug is Vital’s director of consulting. He’s responsible for the digital marketing strategy for some of the biggest brands in the world.