Vital Webinar: Pivoting Your Paid Advertising Budgets

Some advertising budgets are on the chopping block. If yours hasn’t been cut yet, it’s likely that you’ve at least thought about it, or even started the conversation.

But before you make any rash decisions, consider these facts:

  • Social media engagement is up 70%
  • Organizations and people are still heavily searching on Google
  • Competition is declining, resulting in decreased advertising costs

What does this mean for you?


The coronavirus has shaken marketing departments across the world. Now is the time to quickly make adjustments, cut back where needed, and invest in channels or campaigns that will have success during these unusual times.

With paid media, you can quickly pivot spend from existing campaign budgets — like events and trade shows — toward digital campaigns that will generate high-quality leads.

Watch our webinar to learn how to take advantage of the advertising landscape in front of you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • The current advertising landscape
  • Google Ads – the importance of intent-based marketing
  • Facebook Ads – lower ad costs and increased engagement
  • LinkedIn – leveraging industry verticals and account-based marketing
  • How to leverage remarketing
  • How to determine your ad budgets
  • How to develop high-quality creative assets
  • How to create high-quality landing pages
  • By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for your own paid advertising strategies, learn how to create compelling offers, and build ad campaigns that will generate leads.


Max DesMarais — Max works at Vital as a marketing strategist. He’s responsible for the strategy and execution of digital marketing tactics to help clients reach their goals. He has years of experience creating and running paid advertising campaigns across various platforms.

Shawn McCarthy — Shawn is Vital’s lead PPC strategist and manager. He’s responsible for the paid media strategy for some incredible clients and was one of the first team members of what may be the most well-known paid search companies in the world, Wordstream.