eBook: Digital Enrollment Marketing for Higher Education

Get Strategies Inspired by Today’s Most Successful Brands, Custom-Built to Grow Your School’s Programs

What’s in the eBook?

This in-depth, 30-page guide to cutting-edge digital enrollment marketing strategies will help you position your school for maximum growth. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll discover:

College enrollment in the U.S. is on a long-term downward trend. The causes are complex, but the take home is simple. If your school wants to win the battle for new students, you need proven strategies tailored for changing times. This eBook draws on insights from higher education leaders and high-growth businesses to empower you with information that will revolutionize the way you think about building your future student body.

Radical shifts in how students are going online will affect every aspect of enrollment marketing. Enrollment marketers who understand what’s coming will gain the competitive advantage needed to fill seats year after year. We share facts about this critical demographic to help you reach, connect with, and convert new students in new ways.

While digital enrollment marketing requires long-term commitment, this eBook gives you an action plan that you can begin to implement immediately. These 10 strategies walk you through how to adapt today’s digital marketing practices to tomorrow’s demands, giving you brand-new approaches to using your online presence to attract more students.

The strategies in this eBook can be applied to any college or university, from selective liberal arts schools to hybrid or online programs and everything in between. By putting your unique, authentic brand at the center of your enrollment marketing, you’ll unlock the secret to growing your school while safeguarding your academic reputation.