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Looking for an Awesome Summer Internship? Work at Vital!

Vital is a pretty sweet place to work. We have beach days, alley parties and occasionally we’ve got a dog, a baby or a baby dog hanging out in the office. In our spare time, Vital team members are also artists, marathoners, volunteers, film buffs, yoginis, skiers and guitarists. Oh, and we build some awesome websites, too. We’re currently searching for some web development interns to shadow our web team. These interns would be working with our team of hybrid creative designers/developers to plan and execute new sites. So, we wanted to tell you what’s so great about interning at Vital Design.  Here are five things that make a Vital internship rock.

1. This is not a coffee-making internship

From day one, Vital interns get their hands dirty. We’re going to work with you to find out what you know and what you need to learn, but we’re looking for interns who are talented, eager to learn and not afraid to dive into big projects.

2. You’re part of a team

We’re a small company, and that means that when you work here, you’re not “the intern”–you’re part of the team. In a normal day, you’ll work with graphic designers, web developers, copywriters, social media strategists and–of course–our awesome project managers who make sure we’re all on track. Vital interns need to be good communicators and enjoy working as part of a team.

3.Your ideas matter

We hope you’ll learn a lot here, but we’re also open to learning from you. We’re all about finding the right solution for each client’s individual needs and challenges. If you know a better way to do something, we want to hear about it. Everyone’s skills and experience inform the work we do.

4. Working in Portsmouth rocks

We’re located right in downtown Portsmouth–within walking distance of amazing restaurants and bars, funky shopping, one-of-a-kind music venues and beautiful Portsmouth harbor. We work with many of these local businesses, and we’re part of amazing Portsmouth community events like the New Hampshire Film Festival.

5. There’s perks

This is a paid opportunity. Plus, we provide coffee, snacks and occasionally birthday cake.

Still interested? Here’s the brass tacks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Domain management and migration
  • Server side programming using CMS (we’re huge fans of WordPress) and other databases
  • Use of Apache server systems
  • Perform all necessary checks and balances during site launch, ie; SEO optimization, analytics tracking, link assurance, etc
  • Pixel perfect HTML/CSS/PHP development with some Java/jquery thrown in
  • Working understanding of mobile technology – to ensure cross browser compatibility (Android and iOS pretty much count as browsers now)

The creative team at Vital is using modern technology to push our design and development beyond templates and cookie cutter functionality. If HTML5/CSS3/jQuery excite you then we should talk. The team is eager to bring in someone that wants to have fun while learning and actually getting their hands dirty (metaphorically – this place is pretty clean).  This is a part-time internship position. We are looking for applicants with an availability of 15-25 hours a week. Compensation is negotiable.

Please submit your resume and web portfolio here.

Questions? Contact us if you have any questions. And get to know us by following the whole Vital team on Twitter!

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