Maximize the Impact of Your Website Redesign Project

Protect Your Investment and Ensure the Success of any Website Redesign

What’s in the ebook?

This newly updated, comprehensive, 35-page guide is designed to make sure you get the results you need when it’s time to redesign your website.

  • Learn the Risks Before You Redesign
    Not every agency will share this one truth: If you get it wrong, a website redesign can tank your search rankings. This eBook walks you through the questions to ask before you get started to make sure to prevent a drop in rankings — along with seven other key considerations to avoid project failure.
  • Why the Right Redesign Process is More Crucial Than Ever
    The days of needing to redesign your website every 3-4 years are officially over. This eBook details the proven, process-driven approach that will result in a website that’s flexible, scalable, secure, and simple to use and update, so your new site can grow with your brand and your business.
  • 15 NEW Questions for Today’s Website Projects
    As one of our most popular eBooks, the original edition of this guide covered 10 questions to guide marketers undertaking a website design project. To bring it up to date, we’ve focused our attention on the 15 most important questions you must ask before redesigning an existing website to attract more traffic, generate more leads, and maximize the lifetime value of your most important digital marketing asset.
  • How to Make Sure Your New Website Supports Your Digital Marketing Strategy
    Spoiler alert: Redesigning your website is not a marketing silver bullet. Learn why a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach that puts digital marketing strategy at the forefront is absolutely crucial to getting the business results you need when you invest in a new website.