Discover the 7 Ways Universities Can Increase Website Leads

WITHOUT using pop-ups, SEO hacks, costly ad campaigns, or endless social media posts.

Chris Getman, Vital’s Director of Digital Marketing

Want to discover some of the most impactful digital marketing strategies that can help drive your university to success?

If you’re like most university marketers, you’re in a constant battle to attract more quality leads to your website. You’ve probably tried it all: pop-ups that irritate more than they convert, SEO “hacks”that fall short, ad campaigns that burn through your budget, and social media strategies that feel more like shouting into the void. 

What if there were a better way — a way that’s not only different, but is actually effective? 

Ever Wondered Why Some University Websites Outperform Others?

In our exclusive webinar, “Discover the 7 Ways Universities Can Increase Website Leads,” Vital’s Director of Digital Marketing, Chris Getman, will reveal the untapped strategies that can revolutionize how you attract prospective students. We’re talking about actionable, but often overlooked methods learned over 20+ years of working with higher-ed institutions.

What Sets This Webinar Apart?

Other marketing webinars trot out the same old tired techniques — we’re interested in cutting through the noise and focusing on what genuinely works. Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out:

  • No More Guesswork: We’re laying the groundwork for website success in clear, easy-to-follow, and actionable steps.
  • Innovative Strategies: Discover the game-changing tactics your competitors aren’t using.
  • Unconventional Insights: Stop struggling to organize your web content or get your pages to convert — we’ll offer solutions that go beyond conventional marketing wisdom.

Who Should Watch?

  • University marketing professionals
  • Digital marketing managers in higher education
  • Higher-ed administrators looking to boost enrollment