Dan Mensinger

Senior Web Developer, SEO Strategist, ca. '15

Being bad at something is the first step to being sort of good at something.

Jake the Dog

A graduate of Keene State College with a degree in graphic design, Dan soon discovered that designing websites was his calling. He started working with WordPress back in version 2.5 and adopted it as his platform of choice.

When not building WordPress websites or writing code, Dan can typically by found enjoying the outdoors, eating Mexican food, or watching any movie that has a decent rating on IMDB. In the winter, he grabs his snowboard and heads to the Green or White Mountains whenever the snow falls. He is the father of two human children and one cat.


  • Joined Vital '15
  • SearchPro Systems
  • The Marketing Dept, Inc.
  • Keene State College, '05 BA
Random Bits
  1. I can walk on my hands
  2. The only instrument I know how to play is a Ukelele
  3. My cat's name is Waffle



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