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User experience analysis will help you understand how visitors use your site


User experience analysis is the process of measuring the interaction between a user and  a user interface, often a website, an application or a design. As a top Boston MA & Portsmouth NH UX agency we use measurement tools like A/B testing, heat mapping and marketing research to analyze user experience (Often referred to as UX).  The analysis of the user often leads us to changes in the design or user interface.  When we improve the user interface of a website, application or email in order to maximize user engagement, this is called user interface design or UI design.  Analyzing user experience leads to design changes that can engage visitors to increase session duration, pages per session, page stay and ultimately online lead generation and lead conversion.

Thanks to the power of  A / B testing, heat mapping, and other analytical tools agencies like Vital can measure how a user interacts with a website.  We can tell which elements make users spend more time on the page, “page stay”, and which ones are causing them to leave, “Bouncing” and “Exiting”.  A / B testing is an application available to most web and email services which provides a controlled environment to test differentiations, like a button color or button text (like “submit here” or “click here”) amongst 50% of your visitors or readers.  Heat mapping is another user experience measurement application that shows where a visitor’s eye is going on your site by tracking the mouse location (This is based on a known connection between ones movement of the mouse based on where the eye is viewing). These types of user experience analysis and measurement tools, as well as others, are stunningly informative and more importantly, highly actionable.  Check out this great blog post about the UX/UI considerations made during a redesign of top tech company, San Francisco, CA based Scripted.

Once we have this user experience analysis our UX/UI agency team can start making tweaks to the user interface — tweaks that will keep users on the page longer, give them a better, more enjoyable experience, and ultimately drive them to conversion and doing what we call in the business conversion rate optimization or CRO.

Building a new website with no data? With years of UX analysis under our belts, Vital’s developers can always apply best practices to create an amazing user experience out of the box.  Vital is a top Boston MA & Portsmouth NH UX Agency ready to help.

Converting leads, SEO and engagement are predicated on successful User Experience Analysis.  Constant evaluation of the User Experience is imperative, adjustments to the User Interface based on this analysis is essential.  This evolution is how we increase CRO, lead generation and ultimately sales.  Bring your experience to the edge, talk to an expert today!

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