Working with us

Ongoing Support

We’ll ensure your online presence remains strong, secure, and effective for the long haul. 

Working with us

Ongoing Support

We’ll ensure your online presence remains strong, secure, and effective for the long haul. 

Here For a Good Time *and* a Long Time

When we say we’re a full-service web design and digital marketing agency, we mean it. 

Say you’ve got a beautiful website. A slick digital marketing program. A solid strategic foundation for long-term business success. So what’s left?

Even the most capable teams need backup sometimes.

Vital’s suite of ongoing support programs are designed to integrate with your existing digital presence and provide the extra muscle you need to meet your business goals and see substantial returns.


Sites in our Maintenance Program


Sites in our Hosting Program


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What Does Ongoing Support Look Like?

We offer four categories of ongoing support:

Projects & Updates Retainer

A P&U Retainer is designed to support an active marketing manager or marketing department by adding production capacity for marketing initiatives and augmenting your team’s skill sets. This program can be used to support sales, product development, branding, website, and digital marketing initiatives. (Different from our Digital Marketing Retainer, or DMR, which takes a lead role in determining projects and strategies.)

Website Maintenance

Essentially a “preventive care” plan for your site, we proactively manage maintenance updates and any associated bug fixes to ensure your site stays compatible with all browsers, platforms, devices, and operating systems. We provide monthly updates regarding any changes, as well as frequent system reliability reports.

Website Hosting

We match your website with the right servers, the right configuration, the right add-on products, and the right continuous monitoring and customer service to stay optimized, secure, and right-sized. While Vital is not the hosting provider, we act as a liaison to provide troubleshooting and management support should any hosting issues arise.

Project Support

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands. We recommend this hours-based program for one-off projects with a shorter timeline and smaller budget.

Many of our clients sign on for both Digital Marketing and P&U retainers

Clients can focus on driving traffic, leads, and ultimately revenue in their DMR and use the P&U for any projects that fall outside of these goals while staying disciplined within their marketing budget. 

Maintenance, Hosting, and Project Support services are always available independent of a website build, a DMR, or a P&U retainer. 

Looking for paid ad support? Check out our Pay-Per-Click Management Services.

Why go with Vital?

With Vital as an extension of your marketing and IT teams, you get to enjoy:

  • A dedicated team and production hours to support your marketing team’s initiatives 
  • A wide range of expertise, from UX/UI designers and conversion specialists to web developers and content strategists
  • The flexibility to grow your marketing efforts without having to hire unique specialist roles 
  • Continuity, efficiency, and priority customer service
  • Increased website security
  • Comprehensive, preventative site maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting support from a team that can “talk shop” with hosting providers

Ongoing Support Programs

Projects & Updates Plans

In support of your marketing efforts, we provide: 

  • Dedicated project team
  • Guaranteed hours in the production schedule
  • Discounted blended hourly rate
  • Weekly production calls 
  • Monthly planning meetings


Starting at $1,000 

Starting at $2,800 /month

Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance for sites built on:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • Hybrid platforms


Starting at $97.50 /month

Fee includes our time to update the site, test, and quality-check to prevent any potential issues from arising upon deploying the plug-in updates.

Hosting Plans

Our website hosting support includes:

  • Procurement
  • Configuration
  • Management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Account management 
  • Accounting


Starting at $35 /month

Projects Support

Ideal for clients looking for quick updates throughout the calendar year, without the budget for a larger retainer. 

From time to time, even we need support. Vital’s website design team is out of this world!”

CMO, Duck Creek Technologies

Need a Helping Hand?

We’d be happy to assist. Fill out the form on this page and we’ll set up a call to talk about your website and marketing needs.