Matt Chase

Director of Development, ca. '16

The volume of a pizza with radius Z and height A is pizza.

Matt started his web development career while he was still in high school, working at a local dial-up ISP called WorldPath (now BayRing) after school. He then proceeded to work at agencies including EnSky, Wedü, SilverTech, and Modus Associates prior to joining Vital.

When not working on websites, Matt is usually playing and/or creating video games, cooking, reading, or spending time with his wife and dog.

  • Joined Vital '16
  • WorldPath
  • Ensky
  • wedü
  • SilverTech
  • Modus
Random Bits
  1. I was on two episodes of Granite State Challenge.
  2. I built a Flash-based game back in 2002 that went viral and got *millions* of hits, but I didn't monetize it.
  3. I was a computer teacher at an elementary school for a few years.



Video Games


My Dog