Michelle McAdams

Account Manager, ca. '20

Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.

- Maria von Trapp

Texas born and bred, Michelle doesn’t even think twice about saying “ya’ll” in New England. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Communication, she cut her professional teeth at a marketing agency before digital was even a thing (yes, there was a time when every business didn’t have a website). Following this gig, Michelle hopped around the U.S. pursuing her other passions: first to Kansas City (where she attended 4-year music school), then to Colorado, then on to Vermont, where she managed restaurant catering and events, and served as the Development and Marketing Director at a homeless shelter.

Having spent the past six years in account management at New Hampshire digital marketing agencies, Michelle’s main goal is to continually strengthen client relationships and build crucial connections. When she’s not on the job, you might find Michelle driving 4-wheelers at full-speed down narrow, curvy, muddy roads; performing at open mics in a music duo with her husband; or hanging out with her three-legged Redbone Coonhound, Tilley.

Awards & Certs
  • HubSpot Inbound Certification
  • Joined Vital '20
  • Industrial Traffic
  • Grapevine Marketing
  • ANEW Place
  • The Matthews Group Marketing & Advertising Agency
  • Texas A&M, ‘05 BA
Random Bits
  1. I've been parasailing off the coast of La Jolla Beach in California.
  2. I sing on the music team at my church.
  3. I apparently blink my eyes a lot when I'm either thinking or frustrated.

Singing & Playing piano




Houseplant parenting