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Your digital marketing gets us excited!

We make a living out of making sense of the web. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and many agencies don’t truly understand all of the moving parts.

If they did, you’d be on their sites right now, about to talk digital marketing with them.

At Vital, we see digital marketing as a strategy that ties together the digital disciplines like social media, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, etc. Digital marketing boasts lead conversion rates 750% higher then traditional outbound marketing. However, most companies are not experiencing anywhere near that type of growth.

When companies approach the web like they did traditional outbound marketing (radio, newspaper, TV, direct mail, etc.) they get the same high volume, low conversion results. Digital marketing is a nuanced, holistic approach that takes fortitude, discipline and intimate knowledge to employ.

If your company is ready to kick their social media into gear, find an SEO strategy that works and build a successful content strategy, then you’ve found the right agency.

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