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Five Brands Using Vine to Create Engaging Content

Vine Engaging Content

Vine is Twitter’s new app for sharing GIF-like, six-second looping videos with your Twitter and Facebook networks. Brands jumped on the Vine bandwagon pretty quickly, and they’re using the video app to post videos that demo products, educate their audience and show company culture. Of course, some brands are getting the hang of Vine and its potential faster than others–which is why we decided to pull together five brands we think are doing an extra-great job at creating content for Vine. These brands are finding creative ways to use Vine to make content that delights, educates and engages their audience. Check them out–and then use the comments to tell us which ones we missed.


Going far beyond raw video, GE creates quirky Vine videos that use old school techniques like stop motion and time-lapse handwriting for their “six second science” clips.

Must-see: The Chemistry of Coffee

One Nine Design

Here’s an idea we’re definitely going to crib: One Nine Design is using Vine to show off packaging design that they did for a client, premium chocolate manufacturer Bar Au Chocolat.

Must see: Bar Au Chocolat   

San Francisco Zoo

OK, so your brand probably doesn’t have subjects as naturally awesome as the San Francisco Zoo does. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a page out of their book and use Vine to show off the best and most fascinating aspects of your business.

Must see: Good morning from the penguins  

On the Media

NPR program On the Media uses Vine to show office culture. They’re into using Vine sound—something not everyone has gotten the hang of yet—to give clips of the music they’re spinning in the office.

Must see: Desktop doodles   

Lucky Magazine

Like GE, Lucky isn’t using Vine to talk about products or try to make a sale—they’re using as another way to create and share content. Their Vine videos are engaging because they’re basically adding another dimension to Lucky’s editorial content.

Must see: Lesson in layering

Is your brand using Vine? What’s your favorite brand on Vine? Tell us in the comments or send us a tweet.

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