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Five ideas to keep your blog active

Doug Ridley


Someone’s probably told you that your business needs a blog. And they were right; it’s important.

But a lot of businesses come to us with the same issue. It’s easy to create content the first few times, but after that what the heck do you write about? And it’s an important question because the power of a blog comes from creating consistent content over a long period of time.

So here are five ideas that you can use on your blog over and over again.

  1. Answer your audience’s questions,
  2. Discuss trends within your industry,
  3. Share your business’s culture,
  4. Create a list, and
  5. Share testimonials and case studies.

Answer your audience’s questions

Every day your team answers a ton of questions about your products and services. Why not take those questions and turn them into a blog post? The best part is that when you start answering these questions, you become the authority. People will start looking to you for answers, which inevitably will drive more people to your blog and your website.

Discuss trends within your industry

Every industry has trends, so why not write a post about it? Yeah, it’s that easy.

Side Note: We find that lots of people are hesitant about this idea, and don’t think they have the authority to write about industry trends? Don’t sell yourself short…you live and breath your industry every day.

Share your business’s culture

It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B or B2C company; your business’s culture should be shared on your blog. Everything from new hires, volunteering, philanthropy, and teambuilding will make great content.

These type of posts are all about sharing your values and highlighting the people that make your business successful.

Create a list

Readers love lists because they’re an easy way to digest a lot content. When creating lists use informative headlines with brief descriptions that people can easily scan through.

Here’s an SEO tip: In your descriptions, link to your other blog posts to provide readers more information and increase click-through rates.

Share testimonials 

Our last idea is to capture testimonials and share them on your blog. Testimonials and case studies tell readers that your business is no joke and that they’ve had a positive experience… So positive that they want to share their experiences to make sure others know to use your business.

OK, now that we have content ideas it’s time to fill out your content calendar and start creating! If you’re just starting out and want more information on blogging visit our blog at

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