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New Vitalian Sam Costanzo Makes a Career Change to Marketing from Hospitality


Vital’s newest Digital Marketing Coordinator, Sam Costanzo, has a background and experience that’s unlike many marketers.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in economics, he tried out the competitive world of sales. Next, he spent several years fine tuning his bartending, customer service and managerial skills at a popular Portsmouth restaurant, even earning the title of “Best Bartender” by Taste of the Seacoast magazine in 2013.

career-change-marketing-1But don’t be fooled; his customer service-focused background has made him no stranger to business and marketing. In 2012, he opened a solar-powered guest house in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua. Having managed the build from excavation all the way to interior design, he picked up some valuable business acumen and also dipped his toes in digital marketing to help achieve a high rating on Airbnb for the vacation property.

Having delved into marketing for restaurants, a rock and roll band and even his own vacation rental business, Sam decided to get serious about it. And while Vital is Sam’s first agency, his background has given him three crucial traits that are essential for success in our industry: teamwork, multitasking and the ability to acclimate to a fast-paced environment.

At Vital, Sam is pumped to start diving deeper into the world of marketing – specifically inbound. “Inbound is so interesting to me because of its focus on education,” he said. “Maybe being raised by teachers is why I appreciate the way Inbound nurtures prospective buyers through education.”

Sam’s vast experience in hospitality and sales has also enabled him with the ability of reading people quite well. “This makes me even more intrigued by inbound’s focus on personas and the human condition,” he said.

When he’s not at working at Vital or adventuring off to Nicaragua to manage his property, Sam enjoys aquatic sports, music and travel. And even though he currently lives less than a mile from his place of birth in Portsmouth, he’s well-travelled, having had various journeys throughout Europe, the South Pacific, Central America and Australia.

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