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Why Quality SEO Landing Pages Matter to Your Website


SEO  is unfortunately sometimes sold as a “black box” product.  You’ve heard that you need it, and the result—ranking number one in search results—certainly sounds enticing.  But some SEO firms are loath to tell you exactly how they’re accomplishing all of this, and if they’re using shady tactics, you will be the one who gets punished.

This is why we work hard to ensure that all of our clients understand exactly what our SEO team really does.  One of the major components of SEO is building keyword focused landing pages.  We’ve found that people sometimes have trouble understanding the difference between SEO landing pages and the other pages on their site like a blog post, so we decided to break it down for our readers.

SEO landing pages are constructed exclusively to get people onto your site and then make them stay. We do this by writing each page to be targeted specifically for a long tail keyword and variations on that keyword. We incorporate the keywords into the page content as well as the header (also known as the H1 tag), the subhead (aka the H2 tag), and the meta description. When the page is optimized correctly, it will rank well for that keyword, drawing traffic from people searching for that term. These optimized pages will draw quality traffic—i.e. people who are looking for your products or services—into your website.

The next thing these pages need to accomplish is grabbing people’s attention long enough that they continue to click around the site. This is one of the reasons you need well-written landing pages and not just a page filled with keywords. Incorporating photos and videos can also help keep people on your page longer, increasing the odds that they will continue to explore the site and become conversions.

These landing pages will not appear in the main navigation of your site, so they aren’t usually a substitute for the content on your site. When we add new SEO landing pages to a site, those pages exist primarily to draw search traffic into your site, and then push that traffic towards your conversion pages.  (This process is different when we start from scratch and build all of a site’s content to SEO best practices, but that’s a subject for another post.)

If you want to learn more about our SEO services, get in touch with us. We’ll answer all of your questions and explain every step of the process (actually, it might be hard to get us to shut up). There’s no voodoo and no secrets, just data-driven hard work.

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