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Apple’s New Mac App Store: It’ll Make Your Life Easier


I wasn’t sure how to react when I first heard about the new Mac App Store, but after updating my MacBook Pro and using the store, I think it’s the best idea Apple’s had since the iPhone.

Think about it – You can download software a la carte and you’re reminded whenever there is an update. No wasted packaging. No un-necessary included software. Plus you get the benefit of more developers creating more applications.

Apple just released OSX 10.6.6, which includes the all-new Mac App Store. Once you install the update, the App Store will show up in your Dock and be ready to use.

If you’re familiar with how the App store works for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch, then the Mac App Store will look very familiar. The only difference? It’s available without launching iTunes.

All downloads and purchases are made by logging into an iTunes account, but the Mac App Store has it’s own user interface and organized application store. Apple will notify users of any updates, just as they currently do in iTunes.

Buying apps is done in one step to make the apps readily available both in your application folder and in the Dock. Originally, this feature was going to be part of the next major OSX release (OSX 10.7 – Lion), but Apple must have seen the incredible success of the iTunes app store, making the Mac App Store a top priority.

If you want to purchase or update an app for your iOS device, you still have to open iTunes, but perhaps within a few years they will merge and be one. Or, I’m sure someone will create an app for that.

Guest blogger Jason Boucher is an information technologist in higher ed and president of Social Media Club New Hampshire. He founded Boucher Media and co-hosts social networking meet-ups with NHTweetup.


What are your thoughts on the new Mac App Store? Please comment below!

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