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Team Vital Adds New Talent to Digital Marketing Lineup

Jack Gonsalves

When we say that Team Vital is always growing, we don’t mean literally every single day — but we do mean that we are continually bringing on new talent. Our latest hire is a smart, fast-learning Jack of All Digital Marketing Trades — so we just call him Jack.

Jack Gonsalves

Please join us in welcoming our newest digital marketing coordinator, Jack Gonsalves.

Jack is a Portsmouth, NH native whose journey to Vital led him from Portsmouth High to Bates College (for a degree in Economics) to Boston (for some business development experience) back to Portsmouth (for some local tech company experience) out to California (for some more work experience, and skiing) and back to Portsmouth again.

While relatively new to the digital marketing world, Jack has gathered solid experience in sales and account management. Plus, he’s wasted no time earning key industry certifications (Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics) and coming up to speed on all of the resources Vital has to offer.

What drew him to digital marketing and Vital? A self-professed beer lover, we believe Jack was aware that Vital has mini kegs on tap in our kitchen, but cannot prove that influenced his decision to join the exciting, fast-paced world of digital marketing.

In fact, he claims, “I admire the efficiency and effectiveness of an analytics-based marketing strategy and the impact it can have on any company.”

Well said, sir. So, how do you like working at Vital so far? “Every day is different. Getting hands-on and dealing with so many diverse clients and their different strategies has been a blast.”

OK, we don’t want you to think Jack is obsessed with digital marketing strategies and campaigns (though truth be told, that’s quite normal here at Vital). Fortunately, the new guy also has many interests outside of work. For example:

  • Skiing — If you want to find him on the weekends, head to the slopes!
  • Trying new beers — Jack loves skiing and beers so much he blogs about them.
  • Skateboarding — After all, he did live in California for a year.
  • Spending time with his family and friends.
  • Traveling — A great pastime to have, especially with Vital offering work perks like unlimited vacation time.
  • Growing a beard (no seriously — it’s pretty radical, as Jack would say).

He was also a talented center fielder for the Portsmouth High Clippers and will be a great addition to the Vital Softball Team (note to self: Start a Vital Softball Team; pencil in “CF — Gonsalves, Jack” near the top of the lineup).

Meanwhile, signing Jack to Team Vital means that our roster of sharp, highly motivated digital marketers are stronger than ever. Speaking of which, now might be a good time to give us a shout. We’d love to talk about putting the art and science of digital marketing to work for your company.

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Be sure to check out our current openings—we’re always looking for talented people to join our growing digital marketing agency.

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