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Scripted’s Website Development : A Client / Agency Story


Award-Winning Vital Launches Best-In-Class Web Design for Top Tech Company Scripted

Every once in a while a website development project comes along that redefines the way we think about form and functionality. Not to say that all website development projects aren’t approached as special, but from time to time key factors align to create a website that stands out above all others.

As a top website development agency based in Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH, we know that no factor aids in delivering extraordinary results like having an amazing client. To develop a website that is truly unique, one that pushes the boundaries of design and user experience, one that significantly impacts an industry, one that instantaneously improves business metrics like revenue, conversion rate, lead generation and website traffic, you need to have the perfect dance partner.

Recently, we were lucky enough to find that dance partner in Scripted — a top tech start-up based in San Francisco, CA that serves as an online talent agency for freelance writers. We identified early on that working with Scripted was an extraordinary opportunity. We put together an internal team that could compliment and work in lockstep with the Scripted team. We dedicated three months of our lives. We worked through highs and the lows, late nights and the long days in pursuit of something we knew was going to be special. We watched it all pay off as the launch button was hit and a clean, crisp, bright and beautiful masterpiece began to load.


If you’re not familiar with Scripted just yet; trust us, you soon will be. Scripted is a technology company and a content creation juggernaut. The company serves as a launching pad for freelance writers looking for work, and at the same time acts as an incubator for businesses with scalable and sophisticated content marketing needs. Scripted offers content products like blog posts, video scripts, social posts, white papers, and press releases. They also offer advanced content strategies like editing services, topic pitching, account management and WordPress integration.

With a growing pool of tens of thousands of vetted writers from around the world, Scripted has refined capabilities that make it much more than just a copywriting marketplace. With its underlying technology, complex algorithms and validated matching processes, Scripted is achieving unparalleled success rates for outsourced writing. Leveraging crowdsourcing and an extensive marketplace makes Scripted accessible, affordable and scalable like competitors oDesk and Fiverr. However, its machine learning, its complex algorithms, its API and its other advanced functionalities are redefining that same competitive landscape. This underlying technology is making Scripted the envy of technology companies everywhere and the darling of VC companies in the tech-rich Silicon Valley and San Francisco CA Bay Area.

The first part of the website development process was to assemble a team. On Scripted’s side there was Senior Digital Marketing Manager Eric MacColl. On Vital’s side there were Account Director Amanda Delanoy and Creative Director Jesse Rand. Once assembled, Vital’s process-driven strategy and design phase was underway. Under the leadership of Rand, and Vital’s user experience (UX) team, we immediately began floating advanced functionalities like the “click menu.” As a technology company, Eric and the Scripted team quickly embraced the advanced UX, the creative process flowed from there. The process was fluid, but it was also labor intensive and led to many instances of developers and project managers doing that “agency thing,” burning the midnight oil, churning their creative juices and exercising every aspect of the process. As the Vital team agonized over every detail of the project, the Scripted team gave us everything we needed. There was an amazing advanced ux / ui User Interface Design & Web Development

“Projects like these and clients like this only come around so often. Late nights are always worth it when the end product is a resounding success. Even if I’ve yet to convince my wife of this,” said Rand. “The team at Scripted not only gave us the keys to their castle, but they pushed us to explore our creative place. This sort of freedom turns both graphic designers and website developers into kids in a candy shop.”

But developing a user experience and rich design for Scripted was no easy task. It was downright challenging due to the breadth of content and the uncharted solutions we were applying. The goal was to create a web site that told a story and intuitively laid out their content and product offerings, but also featured the latest in user interface (UI) capabilities. Being given the green light by Scripted meant the Vital team could toy with a variety of user interface components, none more prominent than the sidebar click menu, the team page and the resources section. The click menu is a UI element inspired by mobile design that has been driving the user interface of desktop design. But we couldn’t just spec cool functionality; we had to be accessible and intuitive, in front of a scrutinizing audience and peer group. We had to design and build a UX and UI that pushed functional limits while keeping brand on point and we had to make it work for a heavily trafficked website.

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