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5 Things Your Logo Should Say About You


Logos are often the first introduction the public has to your company, so it’s critical to make a good impression with a professional image. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your logo needs to break out its interview suit, but it needs to have an appropriate style for your product or company. An eye-catching logo will inspire people to learn more about your brand, even if they have no idea what you do. It is equally important to realize that an uninspired logo can turn customers away before they get through the door. Here are five things your logo should say about your company, organization, or brand. How does yours measure up?

1. I am a professional and I take my business seriously (even if it’s Disney World).

2. I know who I am and what my brand represents.

3. I understand the audience that I am trying to reach.

4. I am current.

5. I am unique.

Logo of the Day Blog

If you’re not sure where your logo stands, you can always contact us here at Vital for a free and honest evaluation. In the meantime, check out the work of other designers. One source of logo inspiration we like is the Logo of the Day Blog.


For critique and discussion of updated logos, nothing beats the Brand New Blog.
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