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Ten Reasons Our Inbound Marketing Agency Can’t Wait for #INBOUND14

Ten Reasons Our Inbound Marketing Agency Can’t Wait for Inbound 2014

Hubspot Agency Partner Vital to Join Other Top Inbound Marketers at Hubspot’s Annual Inbound Conference.

Vital is SUPER EXCITED to be joining other top inbound marketers in Boston for Hubspot’s Inbound 2014, an annual event put on by Hubspot that features the latest in marketing industry trends and strategies.

The annual inbound conference, which kicks off later today, is expected to attract more than 7,500 content strategists, SEO experts and social media mavens to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center for four days of SEO strategy, content strategy, social media strategy and networking opportunities with some of the industry’s elite.

Vital, a Hubspot partner agency, is an inbound and SEO marketing company that features a team of inbound marketers who routinely rely on Hubspot’s award-winning software and other resources like Moz and SproutSocial for not only our inbound efforts, but also for our growing roster of inbound clients. Hubspot’s full service automated marketing and closed loop solutions allow us to offer transparency into both our inbound successes and failures. As a Hubspot partner, Vital will be given exclusive backstage access to various events and social gatherings taking place throughout Inbound 2014.

This year’s event is expected to feature a full slate of keynote speakers, innovative talks, educational breakouts, hands-on learning and endless amounts of networking opportunities. Each member of the Vital inbound team has their sights set on various aspects of the Hubspot conference—from keynote speakers like Martha Stewart and Guy Kawasaki to networking opportunities and social interactions with other top inbound marketers from across the globe. The following are a few of the reasons our inbound marketers are most looking forward to attending Hubspot’s Inbound 2014:

  • Director of Inbound Marketing Chris Getman is looking forward to hearing from Emmy Award winning television show host, entrepreneur and author, Martha Stewart. Getman said his reason should be pretty self-explanatory. As the keynote speaker, Stewart is expected to share insights, inspiration, and reflections on becoming a serial entrepreneur and mega marketer, as well as her ascension as the top DIY and How-to source in the business today.
  • Content Strategist Crystal Paradis is anxiously waiting to see NH’s own Peg Fitzpatrick, a blogger, author and social media marketer. Fitzpatrick is a Keene State graduate, and is social media architect for international thought leader Guy Kawasaki, who is also speaking at Inbound 2014. Paradis said she is also looking forward to hearing tips from Fitzpatrick about her writing process and overall approach to social media.
  • Co-founder and Director of Brand Strategy Julia Ahumada is looking forward to seeing several of Vital’s inbound clients, like the guys at, at the weeklong conference. Ahumada said an event like Inbound 2014 allows Vital to not only interact with clients, but it also allows for opportunity to show them why inbound marketing strategy is growing in popularity across the marketing industry.
  • Content Manager Chuck McMahon is attending his first Inbound event and is most looking forward to seeing HubSpot cofounders Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah. McMahon said he’s intrigued by how both Halligan and Shah founded HubSpot only 8 years ago and has already ended up on the Inc. 500 list, earning over 10,000 customers in the process.
  • Director of Content Marketing and Social Media Doug Ridley is most excited for the social media buzz that swirls throughout the inbound conference. Ridley said there is an incredible energy that comes along with witnessing other top inbound marketers working on their laptops and smartphones, taking pictures and other ways of creatively interacting on social media.  Ridley said he plans on living, eating, drinking and breathing the hashtag, #Inbound14, throughout the weeklong conference.
  • Project Manager Alex Shaffer is looking forward to hearing from Guy Kawasaki, international thought leader and former chief evangelist of Apple. Schaffer said Kawasaki’s role in creating products, building companies, and changing the world through innovation make him the #1 highlight of the week.
  • Co-founder and Managing Partner Zac Gregg is most looking forward to what he and the rest of the Vital team get to take away from Inbound 2014—namely an education and insight from some of the most successful inbound marketers in the industry today. Gregg said past strategies and thought leadership echoed by past keynotes and other inbound experts have proven highly valuable and effective for Vital.
  • SEO Manager Dave Currier is ecstatic at the idea of hearing from Rand Fishkin, founder and “Wizard of Moz.” Having gotten a chance to interact with Fishkin when he came to Portsmouth for Mozcation 2012, a world-class seminar on SEO, Currier said he looks forward to witnessing Fishkin dive deeper into what really works to drive traffic, rankings, branding, and conversions.
  • Social Media Assistant Halie Olszowy couldn’t just narrow it down to one speaker or event, and rather selected the entire cast of keynote speakers and inbound experts as her top reason for being excited to take part in Inbound 2014. Olszowy said the diversity in speakers and quality of creative content offered at the weeklong conference is simply incredible.
  • Content Marketing Specialist Nicole O’Shaughnessy can’t wait to experience author and optimist Simon Sinek. O’Shaughnessy said believes Sinek’s leadership and insight make him a true visionary, and she can’t wait to hear what he has to say. The fact that he’s a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller isn’t too shabby either, said O’Shaughnessy.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our reasons for being pumped for Inbound 2014. We hope that you join us in our excitement for taking in all that the conference has to offer. Our inbound marketing team will be on hand throughout the week, and plans to share all the insight, news, tips and trick that they learn in the process. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Everything we take away from Inbound 2014 will eventually be featured in a special post on our Alley Blog.