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Magento vs. OpenCart: Which ecommerce solution is right for your business?


Magento vs OpenCart eCommerce Platforms

When we are building an ecommerce site, clients often ask us which e-commerce platform is right for them. Magento vs Opencart …which one? Is BigCommerce better than OpenCart Ecommerce? Magento vs ZenCart? WooCommerce? Demandware Commerce vs? etc.

Our answer… there is no one-size-fits-all solution for ecommerce. It all depends on your needs, the number of products, and the capabilities you want to integrate into your new site. The world of e-commerce has a huge range of available solutions. We hope this comparison of Magento vs Opencart helps you evaluate at least two of the platforms.

First you need to answer some questions.

  • Do you work with a professional web dev company or a budget to do so?
  • Are you looking to get your products online fast or are you looking to have a flexible custom solution with total control for enhanced UX?
  • Do you want to sell outside of the US?
  • Are you looking for a hosted e-commerce solution
  • Is SEO performance a top priority?
  • Will you be running multiple stores?
  • How important is support?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is SEO a top priority?
  • What is your e-commerce content strategy?
  • Do you need to integrate your ecommerce with a WordPress blog?
  • Do you have a payment gateway provider selected?

You can start an online store for free in minutes or build a custom online shopping experience that encompasses multiple stores selling globally. In this post, we’re going to compare two popular e-commerce platforms: Magento vs OpenCart.

Magento and OpenCart have some similar advantages and features:

  • Both are open source ecommerce platforms, neither limit users
  • Both are popular and have huge developer communities for support
  • Both are developed in PHP
  • Both are global ecommerce platforms supporting multiple languages and most currencies
  • Both are resource rich with add on products and plugins
  • Both use templates to upload products and can be maintained by non-programmers

Open Cart is great for start-ups and speed to market. It provides a powerful ecommerce shopping cart and great tools with a minimal investment.

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