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Vital’s Hires New “Employee” to Help Take Digital Agency to New Heights


We’re excited to announce we’ve added some internationally-renowned talent to our growing digital marketing agency. This new hire, which is unlike anyone or anything we’ve ever seen before at Vital, is expected to immediately contribute to our never-ending pursuit for digital marketing success — sticking his neck out day in and day out to help us drive traffic and consume convert leaves leads.

Now you might be asking yourself: Who else could Vital possibly add to its dream team of digital marketing professionals to make it any better than it already is? Drum roll please…


A giraffe of all trades, our newest employee comes from the grasslands of East Africa with extensive skills in SEO, project management, Adobe Creative Suite, and of course — leaf eating. Not only is our newest Vitalian passionate about delivering quality work to our clients, but he  also possesses an impressive range of experience in grazing and lead generation.

When he’s not contributing to an awesome marketing project, he’s most likely roller skating, reading a true crime novel, settling down for a quick six minute nap, or eating. Most giraffes require over 75 pounds of food per day – so Vital’s chefs are going to have their hands full with this new addition to the team!

We’re having a heck of a time finding a name for our new employee. Have any name ideas for our new four-legged colleague? Feel free to send some of your ideas to [email protected].

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