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How to Choose a Top Inbound Marketing Agency

How To Choose a Top Inbound Marketing Agency

Finding Your Ideal Inbound Marketing Agency

So you’re in the market to hire an inbound marketing agency? Luckily there are many effective strategies when it comes to selecting your new marketing partner. While the process of selecting a top inbound marketing agency is and should be an entirely organic experience, there are several elements you can consider when conducting your evaluation. This is important because learning how to create a rubric for evaluating inbound marketing agencies will ultimately be critical to your eventual and overall inbound success.

As we explained in our recent post — Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing — inbound marketing is the NEW form of marketing. Instead of cramming forcefully written information into someone’s face similar to the old ways of traditional outbound marketing, inbound marketing instead offers a friendly hello first, extends a hand to shake, and then offers up a host of quality content and engagement for a consumer to digest. Inbound marketing is permission-based. Outbound marketing is based on interruption.

Inbound marketing is also constantly evolving. Incessant advancements in SEO best practices based on the continual shift in Google’s algorithms, coupled with constant changes in consumer appetite, requires a team that is prepared for all elements of the inbound evolution.

As a top inbound marketing agency, we can surmise some of the essential elements that a top inbound marketing team must possess – because like we said; we are one. Our inbound marketing strategy has helped numerous clients increase website traffic, earn leads and improve overall sales.

Here’s what’s important:

Picking the Right People

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Your inbound marketing strategy is only as strong as the people you choose to execute it. A top inbound marketing agency should consist of top shelf talent — marketers and writers, SEO specialists and social media experts, web designers and web developers. At Vital, inbound is in our DNA. Our team of marketing professionals possesses not only the ability to think outside the box, but we like to hang out outside the box. During regular work hours our team routinely interacts with one another on the latest inbound strategies.

How To Choose a Top Inbound Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for a top inbound marketing agency, be sure to assess the members of the inbound team. Look for a company culture that boasts more than just Nerf guns and creative spark; look for an inbound team that tests one another and doesn’t settle for status quo marketing strategies. Most importantly look for a full team of passionate individuals who all love working together towards their inbound goals.

Judge Past and Current Performance

How To Choose a Top Inbound Marketing Agency

There’s a reason most top inbound marketing agencies feature testimonials and examples of past projects on their websites. Yeah, sure they want to show off, but these “Our Work” pages allow an inbound agency to showcase their work — whether it is a case study or web design portfolio. An inbound agency that offers proof of its results emits pride in its work and knows a future client will see this as well. Proof of past performance also serves as an online resume of sorts for an agency, because it allows a future prospect to cross-reference past clients in order to size up an agency’s work and professionalism.

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