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Vital’s Newest Hires Well-Versed in ABCs of Digital Marketing & Design

With nonstop focus on SEO and UX, CTAs and KPIs, the language of digital marketing can sometimes take on the flavor of alphabet soup to the untrained ear. So, it is essential for each of our new hires to demonstrate complete mastery of their ABCs.

Fortunately, our nationwide search for new talent has brought us three top-notch new ABC specialists — let’s call them Amanda, Ben and Cassidy (since those are their names). The fact that their initials are ABC does make remembering their names as easy as 1, 2, 3. However, that is not why we hired them.

A is for Amanda Roy.

A NH native who earned a BS in Communications Media from FSU (Fitchburg State University), Amanda joins Vital as a DMC (digital marketing coordinator).

A student of both graphic design and professional communications, she worked for eight years at a retail clothing company where she gained valuable experience in eCommerce, social media marketing and print and web content, while developing a passion for inbound marketing analytics and strategy.

She is fascinated by “the psychology of the internet and how we interact and respond to it,” and is excited that part of her new role involves using those insights to help execute inbound marketing tactics that are customized to the unique needs and goals of each individual client.


Q: Does Amanda love houseplants, reading books and traveling?

A: Yes, she does! In fact, she considers caring for houseplants to be one of her favorite hobbies; she also likes to read 30+ books a year (especially memoirs and science fiction); and she loves traveling, both internationally as well as regional adventures to sample new breweries and restaurants.

In addition, Amanda spends much of her spare time renovating the 228-year-old home she shares with her husband Pete and their two cats. “It’s the project that will never end,” she said, “but that’s why we bought it.”

B is for Ben Hallman.

Hailing from the great state of GA (aka Georgia), Ben is a UNH-educated marketer who has served two tours in Afghanistan with the USMC (aka the Marines). He also joins Vital as a DMC (digital marketing coordinator).

Corporal Hallman is the proud father of two daughters (and three dogs) who loves to sing (“badly,” he claims) and who sounds like a good sport (an Atlanta Falcons fan, he has a Patriots tattoo because he lost a Super Bowl bet with his wife). He and his wife also team up on an Xbox appreciation website called (Xbox news, game previews, reviews, videos and more).

“I have always been into art and being creative, which is what initially drove my interest in marketing,” said Ben. Learning more about the connection between the art and science of marketing led to “an epiphany that this is what I wanted to do for my career.”

And he has definitely done his homework, studying up to earn certifications in Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics and AdWords Search and Display Advertising. Ben said he loves how digital marketing has changed the game for marketers, supercharging their ability to help businesses grow and use analytics to track their often dramatic results. “Being able to physically see how your ideas and efforts have impacted businesses and moved the needle is invigorating.”


Q: Ben sounds pretty serious, but doesn’t he also describe himself as “goofy”?

A: Yes, and early indications suggest this is an accurate self-assessment on his part. Picking up on Vital’s affection for the color orange, Ben applied to work here by submitting a resume depicting himself in a bright orange suit and then followed up with a customized toy basketball to “put the ball in Vital’s court.”

C is for Cassidy Hunkins.

Equipped with a BFA in graphic design from KSC (Keene State College), Cassidy joins Vital as a graphic designer with a passion for branding, web design and typography.

In fact, she might as well have a Ph.D. in typography — Cassidy has created and owns the rights to a proprietary typeface called Chivalry. She describes Chivalry as “a typeface brought to life through the history of illuminated manuscripts,” one that embodies a “medieval aesthetic.”

FYI, she also brings mad skills to the highly visual world of modern marketing. Born and raised on the NH Seacoast, Cassidy started her career at TideWatch Partners, a local market research firm where she gained valuable experience in harnessing the power of data visualization, iconography and video. She has worked with several fortune 500 companies including Converse, Harley-Davidson and Citibank.

Cassidy enjoys being aware of the presence of visual design in the world around us. “Everywhere you turn you see some aspect of graphic design,” she observed. “Whether the work is inspiring or the work is lacking, it drives me to learn, improve and excel within our field.”

Her award-winning visual artistry dates back to fourth grade when her entry (“a cow baking cookies”) won a cookbook cover design contest. Each summer, she donates artwork to Habitat for Humanity for their annual Garden Party fundraiser held at the Moffat-Ladd House.


Q: Does Cassidy aspire to one day have a farm populated by a slew of chickens, pigs and goats?

A: As a matter of fact she does. Until then, however, she’ll have to settle for working at a company that has brought together a menagerie of uniquely talented humans, each of whom is outstanding in their field.

That concludes our ABC welcome for Amanda, Ben and Cassidy. Stay tuned for our upcoming DEF report introducing new hires named Dagmar, Ezra and Fern. (Just kidding, we place no alphabetic restrictions on our ongoing search for top talent. In fact, if you’re interested in working at Vital, check out our “We’re Hiring!” page.)