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What It’s Like to Work at NH’s Fastest-Growing Digital Marketing Agency

fastest-growing digital marketing agency

You’ve probably noticed that our roster of talented professionals has grown considerably lately — so much so that we’ve actually been recognized as NH’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency! Sure, we’ve got an office in Boston and clients around the world, but we’re very proud to have our main headquarters in New Hampshire, where we started. And here in the Portsmouth office, we recently welcomed Sam and Todd (also known as Todd and Sam) as two of our newest Vitalians.

We thought we’d take a creative twist to let you get to know THEM by having them introduce US, through their eyes as some of our newest members of #TeamVital.

A few months ago, Sam joined us as Channel Marketing Manager and Todd as Lead Developer. They are part of a growth wave here at Vital that began a few years ago and continues today. We are, after all, the third-fastest-growing private company in NH. We’re number one in NH’s digital marketing space and number one, period, in Portsmouth (according to Inc. Magazine). This is due, no doubt, to our unparalleled digital marketing and web development services — services that Sam and Todd have added depth and experience to in their first few months on the job.

So, just who are these handsome devils, what are they doing at Vital and is either one of them an Instagram wizard or rescue mutt nut?

First, let’s meet Sam Nute.

sam Nute

Our new channel marketing manager, Sam Nute, joined us from Raka Creative, where he oversaw social media activity and gained expertise in a wide scope of digital marketing practices including blogging, content development, SEO, keyword research and email marketing. Indigenous to the Granite State, Sam grew up in Bedford where he was reportedly awarded the “Best Laugh” superlative in high school. He is expected to face considerable competition for that honor here at Vital, however, because laughter is one of the secret ingredients fueling our extraordinarily creative workplace environment. (Note: Abundant laughter within an office-type setting has the potential to increase productivity by upwards of 62%, according to the Bureau of Imaginary Statistics.)

Sam went all Wildcat during his college years, graduating from UNH’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics with a concentration in marketing and entrepreneurship. Not limited to digital marketing, he possesses a serious knack for all things digital, including photography, and was even featured in the Boston Globe for his killer Instagram account. As a photographer, he enjoys focusing on wilderness and architecture (passions that include exploring and documenting the urban wilderness of Boston). You’re probably already following him on Instagram, but you can follow Sam on Twitter at: @SamNute.

But enough about Sam — you can read more about him on his bio page. What are his first impressions of Vital?

What’s your favorite part of working at Vital?

“My favorite part of Vital has been the camaraderie. Whether it’s working on a deadline or working out at the gym, we all encourage each other — we know we’re all in this together. Vital is truly a team.” We swear, we didn’t feed him that line at all. But we sure are happy to hear it — because that’s exactly what we’ve worked hard to create here.

What is one thing that surprised you about Vital once you actually started working here?

“I was surprised at how eager people were to welcome me to the Vital family and make sure I was comfortable with everything — from the workload, the processes and even tips on optimizing your Yogibo posture.”

Since we’re NH’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, we’ll probably be hiring again soon. What would you look for in a new member of #TeamVital?

“A new co-worker would be incredibly skilled, easy to chat/joke with, and have various hobbies outside of the office. While work is a (very) important part, having activities to recharge and look forward to is also important.”

Sound like you? Check out our current job openings. And check out this lovely photo of Sam and Todd, showing off their more professional pose:

life at NH's fastest-growing digital marketing agency

Next up, Todd Wheeler!


Todd joins Vital in the role of lead developer following a 15-year run at wedu, a Manchester, NH digital agency where he was involved in nearly every project from concept to execution. His more recent clients included the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, Fidelity and many other local and national brands. He brings an impressive resume jammed with terms most non-developers do not understand. Naturally, he is “fluent in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, nginx, SQL Server and VMware ESXi/vCenter Virtualization setup and administration” (duh) and much, much more. It is also reassuring to know that he appears to be a master of something called Gumby Framework (though we’re pretty sure this has nothing to do with a bendy, bright-green claymation figure once portrayed by Eddie Murphy on “Saturday Night Live”).

Todd got in on the ground floor of the whole Internet revolution thing, working on the world wide web since literally before the turn of the century (circa 1999). Today he enjoys creating “kick-ass web solutions,” a professional pastime that helps feed his “unending desire to learn as much as I can while I’m on this planet.” Which is great, because our websites don’t just look great, they are digital marketing machines complete with seductively logical user experiences and astounding conversion results.

Todd is into music (“mediocre bassist and passable drummer”), hiking the New Hampshire wilderness, gardening and, ahhh, home-brewing. He also has a very special place in his heart, and his home, for the three (and occasionally more) special four-legged friends he calls his “wonderful rescue mutts.” You can follow Todd on Twitter at: @TWWheeler and read more about him on his bio page.

Now, more about Vital!

So, what’s your favorite part of working at Vital?

“Definitely the people. Each and every Vitalian is passionate about what they do, and always striving to find a better way to create and manage awesome and dynamic projects. No one in this office is going through the motions; everyone is held to a high standard, and they all work hard to be the best they can be. That passion shows from the top down to the bottom, and from the smallest site edit to the largest site build; people here bleed orange. Everyone is happy to be here.

“In addition, working in Portsmouth has been a pleasant surprise. Being from a coastal summer town myself, I had some preconceived notions of our fine city that have all been proven false. There is so much to do here, there’s great food and drink, and everyone has been really great. (Although I haven’t seen it in the summer yet!)”

What is one thing that surprised you about Vital once you actually started working here?

“What surprised me the most? How structured and well-built the organization is. All processes are documented, systems are in place, everyone knows (and excels at) their role, and projects run smoothly. When I first started, I was scared after reading for two days that there was nothing left that I could improve. However, after working here for a couple months, I discovered that management not only encourages process improvement, but trusts their employees to do so without micromanaging. This was a huge change from my previous agency experience.”

Since we’re NH’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, we’ll probably be hiring again soon. What would you look for in a new member of Vital’s web developer team?

“Dynamic development team seeks new member who enjoys building great sites, finding the most efficient and modern techniques for web delivery, and enjoys long walks on the beach. Scratch that last one; instead we’ll take long walks for burgers at lunch. A desire to build to standards and learn new and interesting technologies is a must. Pluses would include someone with an appreciation for good music, and playing an instrument would be a definite bonus. (We need a guitarist.) A good sense of humor and even temperament are critical. The ideal candidate must be resourceful and independent, but willing to work together with a team, sharing ideas and knowledge like there’s no tomorrow.” Well said, Todd!

So there you have it — an inside look from a couple of our newest insiders at what life is like in the Granite State’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency. Astounding as it may seem, there are even more reasons to work at Vital than Sam and Todd have mentioned. Check out our full page of Perks for more, where you’ll also find out current openings and a place to apply if you’re ready to join Sam and Todd and me, and her, and him, and that one, and this one, and those over there — well, all of us! — at #TeamVital:

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