Global Healthcare Technology Company

Global Healthcare Technology Company Gets a 1,900% Surge in Leads


Our client is an international medical device company that specializes in the manufacturing of innovative products for patients. They sell directly to consumers through their website and they also white label their products to larger brands. Although the market for their particular medical monitors has become saturated, they remain a market leader by utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce accurate, affordable devices.

Campaign Goals

The company’s initial goal heading into a digital marketing retainer was clear:

Increase online direct-to-consumer sales



This healthcare technology company is a large and well-known B2C and B2B brand. They white label products, sell in bulk to third parties and distributors, and sell directly to consumers through their website and Amazon.

With such a range of offerings, this company found it difficult to measure results since they were balancing so many purchasing options. They didn’t have a digital marketing strategy to effectively track their purchases and overall growth, and their website wasn’t built to allow people to efficiently purchase their products. Overall, their website lacked the scalability to allow them to expand their audience.


Vital set to work to build this medical device company’s brand-new website with eCommerce capabilities and the ability to appease both B2B and B2C audiences. The result was an industry-leading website that even won awards.

Their new website served as the foundation for which the Vital digital marketing program could excel. The website was set up to easily convert website traffic into leads and to serve as the basis of their robust and aggressive content marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Vital also conducted extensive audience analyses and discovered that there was plenty of untapped potential. Our data showed that a variety of consumers were using Google search to seek resources to help with their health. Specifically, this audience wanted to know how to be healthier while reducing costs. In order to increase brand exposure and drive the right traffic to the device manufacturer’s website, we focused on building a detailed content marketing strategy.

Using Organic Content to Drive Traffic

Our experience in the healthcare vertical made our strategy clear from the beginning. We knew that there was a lot of content out there published by authoritative brands and healthcare professionals. To achieve results amid such a competitive landscape, we developed a strategy that involved interviewing industry experts to create helpful resources that potential future customers could easily find online. Vital created a comprehensive content calendar and began developing downloadable resources and helpful educational content for the client’s target audience. These resources gained exposure and drove a high volume of new traffic to the website.

By attracting more visitors to their website, we helped trigger tremendous growth of their email subscriber list, website traffic, and overall exposure. Our ongoing efforts include working closely with the client to reach out and market to their expanded subscriber base with helpful information regarding health management and their own health monitoring habits and equipment.

Understanding the importance of well-researched, well-supported, and well-sourced content from true medical professionals played a big role in the success. Because we used a thoughtful organic content strategy to attract new visitors to their website, our medical device manufacturer client will continue to reap the rewards for years to come and consistently gain more traffic, leads, and revenue.

In addition, this same content is valuable to the client’s existing customer and subscriber base. In addition to health technology, the client is adding additional value to all through health management tips that will help their customer base manage their health and wellness more efficiently.

Drawing Insight from Paid Strategy

We have also diversified their pay per click (PPC) advertising through paid search, remarketing, and Facebook Ads. Our PPC efforts have yielded revenue and substantially grown their audience. However, the most significant impact is that the PPC campaigns enable us to accelerate and gain valuable insights into our SEO and content marketing strategy. We are able to use data and keyword insights learned from paid advertising to continually fine-tune our organic strategy, a key factor in spurring such rapid lead-generation growth.

2,489% growth in traffic

25x monthly growth in traffic

1,900% growth in leads

19x monthly growth in leads

From Site Launch to Two Years Later


These results are just the beginning. Vital continues to partner with this medical technology client through our digital marketing retainer. We are utilizing the industry insight from our meticulous research and audience analysis to create new content, manage their paid advertising, and help them transform these leads into lifelong customers.

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