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Lab Equipment Manufacturer Increases Leads by 182%

Increased Website Traffic By Over 59% and Increased Leads By 182% in 7 Months

About Consolidated Sterilizer Systems (CSS)

CSS has manufactured water stills and steam sterilizers (autoclaves) in Boston, Massachusetts, since 1946. Through 65+ years of research and development, CSS products can now be found in many of the leading universities and medical research and biotechnology facilities across 70 countries.

Customers continue to come to CSS because they promote a product line manufactured 100% in the USA, and they offer the industry’s best prices, functionality, predictable quality and customer experience in sales and service. With these advantages, the manufacturer was looking to increase revenue and lead generation through B2B marketing tactics.

Campaign Goals

CSS’ overall goal was to increase revenue through improved lead generation from their website.

Goal Measurement

Campaign goals were measured through the following metrics:

  1. Driving Organic Traffic — This meant increasing search engine rankings for a higher volume of keywords. By doing this, those searching the web (via search engines like Google) for autoclave-related information would naturally and effortlessly discover the CSS website.
  2. Getting More Website Visitors to Contact The CSS Sales Department — This meant increasing the number of website form submissions and the volume of web-driven telephone inquiries. Each of these submissions or inquiries would equal a new lead for CSS and the opportunity to close a sale and gain a customer.


CSS faced several key challenges:

  1. CSS’ current website was underperforming, non-SEO friendly and non-responsive. This meant Google searches were less apt to serve up the CSS website during search queries, and just as damaging, the site was difficult to access on smartphones, tablets and various other devices.
  2. CSS lacked a digital marketing strategy and had minimal digital marketing infrastructure and assets to build upon.
  3. CSS’ competitors boasted more market footprint, name recognition, market resources and overall budget.

Despite such a rich company heritage, hallmarked by quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, CSS’ digital infrastructure challenges and well-established competitor base meant they had an uphill battle ahead of them.

Solutions—Strategies & Tactics

1. Website Re-Design & Re-Build

The very first step was to re-design and re-build the CSS website in order to provide a more intuitive experience for website visitors. Strategically, this new design and functionality would more intuitively help users evaluate CSS’ offerings and pinpoint answers to their exact questions and needs. In doing so, users would be encouraged to contact CSS and become a lead. Additionally, the new website was built to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, grounded in comprehensive keyword research and analysis.

Once Vital completed and launched the new website, CSS experienced an initial traffic boost, indicating that step one efforts had been successful.

2. Keyword & Competitor Analysis

Upon initial keyword research, Vital uncovered over 250 target keyword opportunities; in other words, chances to capture people using search engines to answer their autoclave questions, be it sales, service or otherwise. This was crucial, as competitors were outranking CSS for many of the highest valued keywords.

Using multiple keyword research and analysis tools, Vital was able to identify which high value keywords would drive the most traffic and which represented the most relevant and valued website visitors, i.e., those who could benefit CSS’ primary offerings.

3. Target Audience Research, Content Idea Brainstorming

Like many companies, CSS has a distinct sales offering for its five key target demographics. Each audience has different pain points, and each has unique motivations for purchase. To satisfy each audience, Vital crafted a content strategy that provided each audience with topics they would find helpful and engaging.

4. Continuous Content Creation

While implementing a content strategy is crucial, it will not amount to much if it is not repeatable and everyone is not on board.

Together, Vital and CSS embarked on a comprehensive content strategy, which included blogging on a weekly basis, social media posting on a daily basis, creating a new video, writing a helpful eBook, recording a webinar, and running multiple, targeted email marketing campaigns.




CSS’s increase in keyword rankings led to an 59% increase in overall, quality website traffic, (a 107% increase in organic traffic) and this new traffic led to a 177% increase in “Request a Quote” leads generated through the website.
Thanks to new micro-conversions added to the website (such as a downloadable ebook and webinar), CSS was able to also increase their monthly email subscriptions by over 200%. And CSS even experienced an over 100% increase in social media traffic to the website.

Lead Generation Increase Report Slide


Vital believes in metric-driven approaches to deliver measurable results and improvements. By staying true to these values, Vital was able to collaboratively work with each of its internal teams and the client to increase leads, performance and overall business capabilities and efficiencies for CSS. Today, thanks to this dedication, we have a true success story on our hands—and one that is only growing more each day.

This comprehensive and highly technical content strategy was possible thanks to the continued crucial input from the CSS engineering and sales teams and the unwavering support of the CSS executive team, especially CEO and President Arthur Trapotsis.

As part of Vital’s inbound marketing strategy, Vital still meets monthly with CSS to discuss progress and planning—what’s doing well, what can be worked on and how these goals will be accomplished. Then it’s back to the grindstone where every current and additional inbound marketing effort is executed. This is how Vital’s work repeatedly brings CSS’ product line and services to the attention of prospects in the autoclave marketplace, adding the ideal complement to CSS’ proven industry expertise and manufacturing excellence.

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