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Vitalian | Bridging SEO and Google Ads & a PM with a Puzzle Manufacturing Background

A fresh perspective on the market and what’s going on with us.

Here’s some advice from one of our favorite experts.

“Creating content without performance insight risks wasting valuable time and resources. Running Google Ads should influence your SEO strategy; it’s really important to bridge the two. In the ads, you can determine how well keywords perform, which can act as a forward scout for your SEO strategy. Then, you know which keywords to focus on and how to create content that will maximize your ranking. You can even test ad headlines for the highest CTR and then use those headlines as your page titles for SEO. Having paid ads and SEO siloed is a huge missed opportunity.”

Chris Getman, Director of Digital Marketing

One of our recent posts, “SEO for Higher Education,” dives a little deeper into this strategy.

We’ll give you a little hint: she’s awesome.

Which Vitalian worked for a German puzzle manufacturer?
(Scroll to the bottom to reveal the answer)


We’re really proud of these websites. And we hope you are, too.

American Modular Systems

California’s leading modular manufacturer
Our Goal:
Consolidate two dated, under-performing websites; define their product lines; and engage prospective buyers. We recognized that a mega site solution would better harness AMS’ brand equity while improving SEO.
Team led by: Julia Ahumada and Jenny Salchunas

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Waveform Diabetes

Innovative diabetes management solution
Our Goal: Help introduce a new product to the market by creating a website designed to target and educate investors and consumers, define the brand, and incorporate lifestyle video to better explain the product’s unique, cutting-edge features.
Team led by: Julia Ahumada and Nora Sullivan

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OCR World Championships

The premier event in obstacle course racing
Our Goal: Redesign a visually appealing website that made athletes the focal point; the old website lacked storytelling and buried key race details. We created a user-friendly, interactive site to elevate schedule, sponsorship, and participant information while using bold imagery and animation to reflect the exciting energy and exclusivity of the event.
Team led by: Julia Ahumada and Bianca Mutch

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Challenging today to transform tomorrow
Our Goal: Produce a redesigned and fully optimized website that properly showcases expanded digital banking service offerings, highlights a new brand identity, and supports global aspirations.
Team led by: Elise Ouellette and Bianca Mutch

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The 2020 WebAwards delivered some exciting news. Seven of our clients’ websites won awards (we snagged one for ourselves, too), and five took home their industry’s “best in show.”

We get really excited about work, but we also love highlighting personal accomplishments.

If you find yourself chatting with any of these Vitalians, feel free to congratulate them!

  • We’re happy to have Amanda Gamester back from maternity leave after having her second baby
  • In November, Todd Wheeler celebrates five years as a developer here at Vital
  • Shawn McCarthy also welcomed a new baby into the world
  • Emily Kwesell purchased a new house and she celebrates her five-year Vitalversary in November
  • Kristen Melamed celebrates her very first Vitalversary in November

A picture is worth a thousand words (but we’ll write a few of those, too).

Merchants Fleet Recruitment:
This video was shot with two half-day shoots to focus on the messaging and maximize efficiency. First, we recorded the interviews, reviewed the footage, and mapped out the b-roll to gather. The following day, we captured that material. We used a lot of red color and fast cuts to create a fun, energetic recruitment video to match the pace of the business.

Waveform Product Video:
COVID made it challenging to find a location for this shoot, but we were able to safely bring in a model and keep the set socially distant. We completed all of the animation first and conducted extensive pre-production and storyboarding; time on location and with the model is so precious, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t need a two-day shoot.

Bennett’s Catering:
As an office, we order lunch from Bennett’s once a week and always look forward to their delicious food and phenomenal service. We have a soft spot for local companies, and we love providing them with visibility! Our goal was to bring the kitchen atmosphere to life by incorporating slow motion, steam, and a little noise. This video was recorded in a few different versions to help leverage pop-up catering and maximize promotion capability.

Pre-Vital, Andrea Leahy worked for a German puzzle manufacturer.

Now, Andrea works as a coordinator in our client services department where she provides integral project management support and guidance to keep deliverables on track and consistently help our production team hit deadlines—it’s an entirely different kind of puzzle, but she puts it together just as seamlessly!