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Project Overview

VIP’s website needed a digital facelift. The ask was simple: Deliver the best tire and service purchasing experience in the industry. We did this by empowering their seasoned marketing team to manage all facets of the site’s content on their own — along with some platform innovations that merge the content management power of WordPress with the juggernaut eCommerce platform Magento.

The end result is a beautiful new website that leaves customers feeling good about the services they just purchased. Thanks to how easy it now is for them to get in and get out of both the website and the garage. No hassle and customer first.

Building a New Tire-Buying Experience

In a competitive industry like tires and service, your brand needs to stand out from the rest. So we set out to do just that by taking what consumers have come to expect and pushing beyond it.

My Garage

During discovery, we found that the entire Vital team was feeling the same pain. Searching for tires takes too long. Since there is no accurate way to remove the initial time spent inputting your vehicle information, we decided that capturing that information and remembering it was the next best thing. From this “My Garage” was born.

Our system remembers every tire you view and every vehicle you search, and stores that data in one place. Now users can access tire options for their vehicle in one click. They can also quickly look back at the last 10 tires they’ve browsed.

Service Scheduling

Since most users that need services to their vehicle are already not thrilled about their situation, we figured this should be as painless as possible. We included advanced geolocation technology and matched it to our locations to automagically assign a local store to each user as soon as they land on the site.

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