Mak Velusamy

Senior Programmer, ca. '13

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

Swami Vivekananda

Mak graduated from Anna University with a master’s degree in computer applications. He began his career as an SEO analyst and then moved into PHP development. Mak has worked across various open-source technologies including Joomla, WordPress, Zencart, Magento, and frameworks like Codeignitor. He also loves to work in JavaScript and JQuery.

When he’s not working, Mak follows world cricket and tries not to miss any amateur matches played on the weekends. He’s a crazy movie buff and will watch any movie — even if he doesn’t understand the language!

Awards & Certs
  • Ecommerce Certification
  • Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development
  • WooCommerce Certified
  • Joined Vital '13
  • eGrove Systems Private Limited
  • Universal Elements
  • MCA, Anna University
Random Bits
  1. Crazy movie buff. I watch movies even if I don't understand the language.
  2. When I was 1.5 years old, M.G.Ramachandran(M.G.R) the Chief Minister of State(Tamil Nadu) named me as “Makkal Anban,” meaning "The People Lover."
  3. I can only sleep on my stomach — the same goes for my wife and kid.







Watching Movies