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Boost paid search conversions with the Premier Google Partner Agency that applies a proven process to launching, managing, and optimizing your Google ad campaigns.

As a Premier Google Partner Agency with over a decade of experience in Google Ad campaign management services, Vital knows what it takes to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS)

If you’ve ever tried managing Google Ad campaigns on your own, you know that the only thing more challenging than choosing the right types of ads, placements, targeting, and budgeting strategies is figuring out how to drive continuous improvement in the face of constant changes and competitive pressures. And if you’re looking for a new agency partner, you know we’re not all created alike. 

That’s why Vital takes a different approach to Google Ad management. One based on a highly disciplined process that consistently drives transformational results for our clients. One that starts with deep industry knowledge and the absolute nerdiest Google Ad specialists in the business, and ends with full-funnel attribution reporting and results that will knock your socks off.


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Google Ad Management Services We Offer

Campaign Strategy

Starting with a foundation of industry knowledge and Google Ads expertise, we analyze your goals and any historical data from past campaigns to craft campaign strategies to drive the business results you need.

Keyword Research & Optimization

We build lists of relevant keywords, work with you to score them by audience intent and business value, and continually optimize your keyword-based campaigns to minimize useless clicks and maximize quality leads.

Customer & Audience Targeting

Using demographic information, online behavior, purchasing habits, and even Google profile data that matches the best leads in your own CRM, we create customer and audience match targeting strategies that find new leads other agencies miss.

Competitor Analysis

We run detailed analytics to dig into the competitors who are bidding for the same keywords as you, and apply our proven process to consistently outperform them. 

Campaign Setup & Management

With dozens of potential Google Ad campaign types and constantly changing parameters, we create order out of chaos by setting up and managing campaigns and ad groups at the ideal level of nuance to allow for the intelligent reporting and insights needed to drive optimal results.

Budgeting & Bid Management

When it comes to Google, budgeting is more complicated than deciding how much money to spend on ads. We apply budgeting and bid management strategies that maximize leads and sales and avoid common pitfalls like spending too much budget at the wrong time of day, or not properly allocating your spend across multiple campaigns or ad groups.

Ad Copywriting 

If you’ve read this far, you may have noticed that our copywriting team knows their stuff (brushes dirt off shoulders). Our Google Ad copywriters have mastered the highly technical, highly specialized skill of combining data-driven, keyword-focused techniques with creative and engaging copy that aligns with audience intent and plays nice with Google’s dynamic ad-generation features. We’re still waiting for our Nobel Prizes.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for Google ads is tricky business. With Vital, you get graphics that increase brand awareness, appeal to your audience, communicate value, and boost the engagements that drive the greatest value for your business. 

Videography & Photography 

The average Google user today has the attention span of — look, a squirrel! If our snappy copy and our appealing graphics haven’t stopped them in their tracks, our video and photo assets take your ads to the next level, increasing engagement, clicks, leads, and revenue.

Ad Testing & Optimization

We love our creative teams, but we’re committed to data-driven results. Our Google Ad specialists engineer single-variable ad testing to pinpoint exactly what makes your audience tick — that is, click — then double down on the strategies that work. 

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Getting your audience to click on your ads is only the first step in generating a positive return on your ad spend. We specialize in writing, designing, and developing high-converting landing pages, then testing and optimizing them as rigorously as we do your ads themselves to maximize form submissions, cart fills, and purchases.

Campaign Analytics & Reporting

Most Google Ad management agencies report on cost-per-conversion and leave it at that. At Vital, we dig deeper to generate full-funnel attribution analytics and reporting that will tell you not only which campaigns generate the most conversions at the lowest cost, but which conversions lead to the business results that matter. 


Decrease in Cost-Per-Lead


Increase in eCommerce Sales


Increase in Click Through Rate (CTR)


Reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC)

What’s Included in a Google Ad Management Plan?

When it comes to managing Google Ad campaigns, we are anything but “set it and forget it.” At Vital, you get a customized, structured plan for success that includes:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Customer and audience targeting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Budgeting and bid management
  • Ad copywriting and creative services
  • Videography and photography for creative assets
  • Landing page creation & optimization
  • Ad testing and optimization
  • Campaign analytics and reporting

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Vital’s Approach to Managing Google Ad Campaigns

What sets us apart from other Google Ads management agencies? A unique, structured approach honed over our decades of experience to ensure maximum efficiency and return on your ad spend.

We meet with your team at the beginning of our engagement and every quarter thereafter to align on goals, ensure that the results we’re delivering are having a tangible positive impact on your business, and craft a plan for world domination — or at least capturing more qualified leads from high-value searches.

Once we’ve kicked off your campaigns, we meet with you weekly to review the metrics that matter most to your business, get your input, and plan tests, tweaks, and optimization strategies to keep growing your ROAS.

Once a month, we go deep into the data to deliver a holistic picture of your Google Ads performance. We identify areas of potential growth and recommend new campaigns, changes to existing campaign structure, content enhancements, fresh lead-generation offers, and more.

Google Ads Management Setup Process

We’re not big on winging it around here, and that’s never more true than when we’re onboarding a new Google Ads management client. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Questionnaires

We’re more than Google Ads managers, we’re marketing strategists who take a holistic view of any marketing challenge. That’s why we ask every new Google Ads client to fill out questionnaires, not only about their ad history but about their business, their goals, their target buyers, and their competition.

Step 2: Audit of Current Account

Unless you’re brand new to Google Ads, we dive into a thorough assessment of the account we’re taking over. We have a custom Google Ad account audit process and checklist that’s based on years of experience in analyzing accounts for weaknesses and opportunities. We break down your current account to learn as much as we can from past performance, then benchmark all KPIs as a baseline to measure future success.

Step 3: Kickoff Meeting

Once we’ve done the prep work, we have a kickoff meeting with the full team to review timelines, walk through each step of the setup process, and mine your completed questionnaires and audits for hidden insights and discoveries.

Step 4: Keyword, Audience, & Competitor Research

We conduct thorough research to address any missed opportunities found in our audit, compiling keyword lists, ideal audience profiles, and competitor insights. Then we segment the keyword list into campaign groups for your approval before inputting the new keywords into your account.

Step 5: Account Setup or Restructuring

We set up or restructure your account settings, including campaign setup, Ad Group setup, copywriting and testing setup, match type, extensions, bids, goal tracking, call tracking, negative keywords, and audience targeting setup.

Step 6: Ad Copywriting

Writing PPC ads is a balance of art and science. The ads need to be persuasive, informative, and direct, all within very tight character limits. Luckily Vital has a team of experienced copywriters who have been writing PPC ads for years. We also consistently test ad copy to determine what works best, so we have an arsenal of data to build off of.

Step 7: Ad Design & Creative Assets

If we’re running Google display campaigns, Vital will design multiple flights of ads in the chosen ad platform’s recommended ad size dimensions. Our ads are designed to be enticing and eye-catching, while still representing our clients’ brands. In addition, we enhance ads with photography or video where appropriate.

Step 8: Landing Page Setup

The ads are only half the equation. To have meaningful success, the ads need to drive users to a landing page that will convert them. Vital will help write, design, and develop landing pages for your campaigns according to tried and true best practices. We’ve formed our own landing page best practices based on years of testing different landing page formats.

Step 9: Report Creation

Vital creates a custom dashboard report for each client. To start off, Vital imports all historical data and then we update our main dashboard report every month. Vital reports on metrics in plain English. We pride ourselves on reporting in the language of your business (leads, sales) and we don’t try to mislead you with vanity metrics. We provide and review reports with clients on a monthly basis. That said, you’ll always have full access to your account and can log in at any time to review metrics.

Step 10: Account Maintenance Meetings

Once we’re up and running, we get you into our established cadence of weekly status updates, monthly in-depth reporting, and quarterly strategy sessions. This is the structure that drives continuous improvement that builds over time, and it’s why the majority of our Google Ads clients stick with us for years.

Google Ads Management Pricing

Vital’s pricing for Google Ads management services is pretty straightforward. We charge a one-time account setup or restructure fee which varies depending on the size and status of the account we’re onboarding. After that, you pay a percentage of your ad spend as a monthly management fee.

Account SetupFee Structure (One-Time)

Example Pricing:

Setup ProjectLowHigh
Discovery: kickoff-meeting, strategy, competitive research, questionnaires, stakeholder interviews $800$1,200
Keyword research & grouping / audience & demographic targeting$1,400$2,100
Account review / setup, budgeting $560$1,120
Campaign creation / updates$1,680$2,800
Landing page design and content update$980$1,960
Miscellaneous Projects$0$1,400
Total: (final project pricing TBD in Discovery)$5,420$10,580

Ongoing Management – Fee Structure (Monthly)

Spend level is based on a per-channel/network spend unless otherwise stated. If you partner with Vital to manage paid digital advertising in addition to your Google Ads account, your monthly management fee will be a percentage of your spend on a single channel, not on all channels combined (e.g. If you spend $5,000 on Google Ads and $5,000 on Meta Ads, your rate will be based on a $5,000 spend level, not a $10,000 level).

Clients who enroll in a digital marketing retainer in addition to Google Ads management services receive a 10% discount on monthly management fees.

Custom quotes can be provided upon request.

Paid Media Spend (Monthly)Management Fee (Monthly)
< $4,999$980 (minimum)
$5,000 – $9,99917.5%
$10,000 – $19,99915%
$20,000 – $29,99912.5%
$30,000 – $99,99910%
$100,000 – $499,999$10k+ Custom retainer available
$500,000 – $1mm+$20k+ Custom retainer available

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