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Vital Launches New Enterprise Website for SIG SAUER –

After more than a year of intense design and development work, Vital is proud to announce it has successfully launched the official new website of world renowned firearms manufacturer SIG SAUER.

The new enterprise website solution – – was uniquely built by integrating the market leading eCommerce capabilities of Magento Enterprise Edition and the unrivaled digital marketing prowess of the WordPress CMS.

“This website build was as involved as we have ever seen,” said Vital’s Creative Director Jesse Rand, who along with a team of developers and designers spearheaded the major enterprise level project. “Vital and SIG worked closely for months to user test and refine every component of the site.”

Vital selected Magento’s Enterprise Edition eCommerce platform for its caching abilities, as well as its cross-selling features — which in turn allows SIG the ability to market its products to its customers in a far more intuitive and logical fashion. Choosing Magento Enterprise Edition also allows for a much smarter and faster system compared to the more prevalent Magento Community Edition, said Rand.

Vital also relied on the content marketing-focused WordPress CMS to serve as the digital marketing platform for the new eCommerce site.

“We break eCommerce websites into three parts: utility pages, marketing pages and product pages,” said Rand. “Because of its content marketing engine, WordPress was the perfect choice for the marketing pages. And since WP integrates seamlessly with Magento, we knew we could combine them to give SIG SAUER the ultimate eCommerce, traffic driving and lead generation machine. This hybrid build not only allows SIG the ability to have total content control over every single page of the site, but it empowers them to run targeted promotions, content marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns and product launches unassisted.”

Rand said ultimately the goal was to create a hybrid WordPress and Magento Enterprise Edition build that combined the most robust digital marketing CMS, with the most sophisticated eCommerce engine on the planet.

“Mission accomplished,” said Rand.

Lead Developer Sean Dempsey said the new website was also integrated with all of SIG’s inventory management software and databases to create a workflow that is second to none. “Customized search and sort functionality and enhanced security features are just a couple other tricks that had us working overtime,” said Dempsey.

Vital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Zac Gregg said the site is hands-down the most technologically sophisticated site the digital marketing agency has ever launched.

“SIG SAUER may have the reputation as the Mercedes Benz of firearms, but after a year of working with them, their technological sophistication and exacting precision more closely resembles that of Elon Musk’s SpaceX,” he said.

Fresh off the 2016 Web Award for Best Real Estate Website, Gregg said the SIG build has all the qualities necessary from both a design and functionality perspective to win numerous awards.

“Most importantly the client is happy and has already noticed an impact on their sales only days after launch,” he said. “Having a client that wants to invest in technology, and intuitively understands that it will have a positive ROI, is just one of the reasons SIG SAUER is a dream client. We are happy to get this site live in time for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. We can’t wait to see the impact it will have over time. We hope their customers enjoy using it as much as we did creating it.”


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