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SMCNH Hosts Journalism and Social Media Forum

Social media can be entertaining, good for business and a powerful source for news. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts are a great way to quickly share stories about design, media and Web design in New Hampshire and beyond. So, not surprisingly, we’re stoked for the upcoming Social Media Club NH forum on journalism and social media, taking place Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. at UNH’s Memorial Union Building in Theater 1.

The SMCNH event will take a look at how news organizations are looking ahead to a world that still wants and needs quality journalism–but maybe not paper-and-ink newspapers. News outlets are beefing up their websites, building iPhone and Android apps, and adding more multimedia and opportunities for reader engagement–because they know it’s change or die. (Even if the New York Times copy desk has instituted a curmudgeonly policy against using “tweet” as a verb).

Many newspapers are realizing that print can’t compete with Twitter and Facebook when it comes to speed. News outlets are using their websites and social media sites for breaking news, and refocusing their print editions on features and in-depth pieces. Some traditional, local papers have been slower to adapt to the social media revolution, while at the same time organizations like Patch are changing the whole model for how we find and absorb news. In fact, the definition of “news” itself is changing.

While we once depended on newspapers for breaking news, we now rely on social media–and if citizen journalists are tweeting from the streets of Cairo and posting Occupy Wall Street photos to Instagram, where do traditional news outlets fit in? How do news organizations use social media for storytelling? What are the ethical implications of social media? These are just a few of the topics SMCNH will be tackling at this exciting event.

The Presenters

Opening remarks will be given by Jason Boucher, SMCNH president and UNH’s new social media coordinator, and professor Tom Haines, a former Boston Globe reporter and the newest member of the UNH journalism department faculty. They will be followed by Brady Carlson of NHPR, Marc Fortier of NH, and Chad Graff and Thomas Gounley of The New Hampshire, UNH’s student newspaper.

Brady Carlson is the host of “All Things Considered” on NHPR. He maintains NHPR’s Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as the Public Insight Network. We’re looking forward to hearing Carlson discuss how NHPR is using social networks to connect with listeners, gather news and grow its audience.

Marc Fortier is the NH regional editor for His presentation should offer insight on some of the challenges digital news sources are facing as they look to establish themselves,  and how the hyper-local Patch model has expanded into over 900 communities since its launch in 2010.

Chad Graff and Thomas Gounley are executive editor and web editor, respectively, of UNH’s student newspaper The New Hampshire. They will offer perspective on how journalism students are preparing for careers in the rapidly shifting world of news, and how The New Hampshire is using social media (including a new app for iOS and Android) to engage UNH students and the community.


Tweeting from the event…

Social Media Club NH: @SMCNH

Jason Boucher: @BoucherMedia and @UofNH

Tom Haines: @twaines

UNH Journalism Department: @UNHJournalism

Brady Carlson: @BradyCarlson

All Things Considered NHPR: @NHPRATC

Marc Fortier: @NHPatch

The New Hampshire: @TheNewHampshire

Chad Graff: @ChadGraff

Thomas Gounley: @tgounley

Vital Design: @VitalDesign

Vital Crew: @EllenKStuart @DougRidley @DeKoning

Use the hashtag #SMCNHJ to get in on the fun!

The SMCNH Social Media and Journalism Forum will be held Feb. 28 at UNH’s Memorial Union Building in Theater 1. Admission is free, but be sure to register by clicking here. Use the Twitter hashtag #SMCNHJ, and don’t forget to check back here for our recap of the forum in a few weeks. See you there!





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