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Vanity Facebook Page URLs


If you were too busy buying buying fireworks or erecting MJ shrines last week, you may have forgotten to declare your independence from gobbledygook Facebook urls on your company’s Facebook Page. Don’t worry, there’s probably still time.

As it first did for personal profile users on June 13, granted administrators of Pages (the ones you use a lot for business) the ability to set custom (or vanity) urls on June 28.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out your company page or personal profile on and look at the url in your browser. It probably looks something like this:

But now with the ability to customize your Facebook Page url, you can create something like this: – easy to say and simple to put on your business cards.

There are still a few rules to read about when you get a vanity url for your Facebook Page such as having at least 100 fans and having had the Page up before June 9. But you can read about it all here.

You may never use this vanity url, but you should definitely get it before someone else does. And be sure to spell correctly because you only have one chance to review your spelling once you type it in and click the accept button.


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