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Welcome to the AI-assisted Digital Marketing Agency

Artificial Intelligence. Genuine Results.

At Vital, we are known for hiring the best. We are proud to have the most special specialists, the leading leaders, the most strategic strategists, the most well-developed developers, and the most creative creatives. (Our marketing coordinators and account managers are dang good, too, we just couldn’t think of a cute way to say it.)

But we’re only human.

Or are we?

Pop into our writers’ room, and you’ll find our team hard at work, Google Docs open in one window and ChatGPT in another. Take a peak at one of our designers, and you might catch them using Midjourney to rapidly iterate multiple versions of a design concept before taking a first pass in Sketch or Figma.

Meanwhile, our video team is over in their studio using ClutzGPT, a plugin that lets them use AI to write animation scripts in AfterEffects — making it super easy for them to create video animations using natural language prompts.

Our strategists are using Google’s Bard for creative briefs! Our SEO team is doing AI-assisted keyword planning with Semrush! The PPC nerds are running Google’s AI-enabled Performance Max campaigns to optimize performance with dynamic ads! And our HR team is using AI to write job descriptions.

In other words, we’re basically cyborgs around here — but there’s nothing artificial about our results.

Did AI write this post?

No, but it did give us a bunch of synonyms for the word “robotic,” along with a list of ways AI is being used in digital marketing. The list was great because it reminded us that we’ve been using some of these AI tools for years to increase efficiency, uncover insights, and track and improve our clients’ results.

Now that more and more AI applications are being introduced seemingly every day, we are doing what we do best: diving in, nerding out, and evaluating our systems and processes to find opportunities to do more, better, and faster with the help of AI.

When you work with Vital, you work with humans. We just happen to be humans who are obsessed with leveraging anything and everything we can to deliver better results for our clients. Thanks to AI, we’re launching websites faster than ever. We’re zeroing in on the most impactful content marketing ideas with less trial and error. We’re improving conversion rates and generating more leads.

And you can rest assured that we never take a shortcut that doesn’t lead to a better outcome than taking the long way.

Want to know more about how our insanely creative, talented team is using AI to level up our digital marketing game these days? Contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it. Human to human.

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