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A Checklist to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


Share Important Links
LinkedIn allows you to share up to three websites in your contact info. The first link should be your business’s website, the second should be your business’s blog, and the third can be your personal website or your business’s LinkedIn account. These links are vitally important for helping followers find their way to your business’s website and content.

Provide Professional Summary
In your summary, share one to two paragraphs on your expertise and what you’re currently working on.

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Complete Your Experience
Just like your resume, your experience is where you can list your work history and highlight your achievements.

When typing in your current business, it’s important you select the correct business from the dropdown list. Selecting the wrong business name will link your account with another business.

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Highlight Skills & Expertise
LinkedIn allows users to list up to 50 skills on their profile. It’s important to use all 50 slots because connections can endorse you for these skills. The more endorsements you have, the more authoritative you look.

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There is a bunch of additional information that you can choose to provide, and LinkedIn is frequently adding new fields, but the points we touched on are the most important to optimize your LinkedIn profile starting today.

Now that you’ve taken the time to optimize your profile, you’re ready to properly represent your business online. Have any questions about the things we talked about in this post? Leave us a comment or find us on Twitter @Vital_Design.

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