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Driving Project Success With Basecamp

Here at Vital we take pride in our project management. You heard that right. Pride in project management. It’s important that every project that flows through our agency be comprehensively managed. We realize the success of the project not only depends on the creative, but on the management as well. That’s why we use Basecamp.

What’s Basecamp?

Basecamp is web-based project management tool.

How Does It Work?

Once you become a client you’ll be given a project manager and extended an invite to Basecamp. Your project manager will be your point person for any questions or concerns you have, and will be the bridge between you and the production team. This all adds up to keep communications streamlined and make sure that your project on track.  Your project manager will also help you get set up in Basecamp and give you a tutorial in using the software.

Basecamp is extremely easy to use, and we do a walk-through with each new client to make sure the client feels comfortable using the program. Once logged in our clients are able to see all the important project information, such as:

  • – Project calendar/timeline (including project milestones)
  • – Messages/discussions
  • – To dos
  • – Files/attachments

This means at any given time our clients can log in to Basecamp and check out any aspect of a project’s status. We can upload wireframes, comps, photos, site copy and more, and the client can review all of that content right in Basecamp. All project communication can be stored in Basecamp, so past conversations are easy to find, review and use.

Who Cares?

Our clients do. While there are many ways to manage a project, there are limited options when it comes to the level of deadline-driven accountability we require. We’ve found our clients appreciate the structure, communication, and transparency Basecamp provides.

Our team does, too. Centralizing the communication between the project management team, the creative team and the client makes it easier for each member of the team to see what the client wants, what needs to be completed, and when it’s all due. This helps the team manage their time, which means our client projects stay on schedule.

We Take Project Management Seriously.

A typical website design and development project can take two months to complete. But it could take six months to complete if the project isn’t managed correctly. Deadlines, budgets, and even enthusiasm are dependent upon a project running smoothly.

Project management is often overlooked as a strength of an agency, or even taken for granted. In many cases project management isn’t evaluated until a project falls off track, in which case there’s already a problem. Our project managers have over a decade of combined project management experience, which makes a significant difference to the overall flow and success of our projects.

Still interested in how we’ll use Basecamp to keep your project on track? Here’s a quick video overview of the key features:

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