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Five Google Analytics Metrics Every Business Should Run

Top Google Analytics Reports

3. Bounce Rate vs. Exit Rate

“Bounce rate and exit rate are metrics that tell us a lot about the performance of specific pages because they let us know when pages aren’t performing well. However, it’s important to interpret these metrics based on where the visitors came from,” says  Chris Getman, Vital’s director of accounts.

Bounce Rate measures the percentage of visitors who landed on a single webpage and then left without visiting any other pages. For a visitor to be measured in the Bounce Rate they must have come to your website, only looked at the one page, and then left your website immediately.

Exit Rate measures the percentage of visitors to a single webpage that click away and completely leave the website. For a visitor to be measured in the Exit Rate they must have come to your website, visited multiple pages, and then left.

4. Top Landing Pages

Find this report through Behavior -> Site Content -> Landing Pages. We’ve looked at how people are finding your site, but this report tells us the exact pages visitors are landing on. Knowing how visitors are entering your site is key for creating a successful sales funnel.

Take a look at your report. Are your top landing pages optimized to convert leads? Do they have calls to action? They should because having an engaging CTA on a popular landing page will improve your website’s lead generation metrics. Another number to look at is the Bounce Rate for each landing page.

TIP: If your landing pages have a Bounce Rate that is above 50 percent it’s probably a good time to take a close look at the page and check out our blog post for help on converting leads.

5. Exit Pages

Find this report through Behavior -> Site Content -> Exit Pages. Now that we know how visitors are entering your site, let’s take a look at how visitors are exiting your site. The Exit Page report will show us what pages visitors are leaving the site from. Take a close look at your top ten pages and make sure they’re the pages you want people to be leaving your site from.

Pages you want visitors  from:

  • Form completion thank you pages
  • Order completion pages

Pages you do not want visitors leaving from:

  • Your homepage
  • A conversion form
  • During checkout process

BONUS! Location Report

Find this report through Audience -> Geo -> Location. The Location Report is an interactive map that shows where your website visitors are in the world. By clicking on the map you can drill all the way down individual cities and isolate your hot spots around the country.



TIP: Are you about to launch a regional marketing campaign? This is your go to report.

We hope these reports empower you to make improvements on your website. If you have any questions we’re always looking for a reason to talk shop. Reach us in the comments below or on Twitter.

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