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How to Add Blog Posts to Your LinkedIn Profile

How to add blog posts to LinkedIn

Updated 1/8/2012: LinkedIn has updated their profile settings and adding an RSS feed to a LinkedIn personal account is no longer possible. LinkedIn has a new feature that allows users to create an online portfolio, and we’ve written a post about it here. – Doug

Look at you! You’ve mastered your business blog and you’re posting awesome content. Nice job!

But you also want those posts to show up automatically on your LinkedIn profile, right? So here are a few steps to make sure all your LinkedIn connections know what a thought leader you are. (Or at least that you’re publishing regular blog posts.)

LinkedIn makes it easy to add an RSS feed to your personal or company pages. Each time you publish a new blog post or news piece on your website, it will also be published in LinkedIn.

We are often asked how to do this, so we’ve compiled some easy to follow instructions for both your personal account and your company page.

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