Liz Tosi

Design Department Manager, ca. '18

Like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced in life you must always keep moving. Unless you need to stop for ice cream, then you can pause.

Liz graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in communications design and a minor in food studies. This explains why she excels at creating designs that make people hungry to learn more about each client’s brand. Liz particularly enjoys finding ways to push the envelope creatively for a brand, while still maintaining its look, feel, and standards. Her experience with design includes working with, Major League Lacrosse, and EverybodyFights, roles that combined her passions for creativity and sports/fitness.

When Liz isn’t designing, she’s often either at the gym coming up with fun workouts or outdoors running, hiking, biking, or kayaking. She also carves out time for fine art crafts including painting, drawing, and 3D work. Her apartment is full of DIY items.

Awards & Certs
  • Creative Quarterly Graphic Design Award
  • Joined Vital '18
  • NPR
  • FootLocker Corporate
  • Major League Lacrosse Corporate
  • Syracuse University '18 BFA
Random Bits
  1. I've worked in a bakery for 10 years.
  2. My favorite color has always been orange (re: Syracuse & Vital).
  3. moved to Wisconsin for a summer design internship & at night learned what it takes to run a BBQ smokehouse.







DIY Crafting