Nikki Maloney

Account Manager, ca. '21

Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.

Seth Godin

Nikki (not Nicole) has been in the marketing world since graduating from college in 2016. She began her career in the fast-paced start-up world of a tech company, transitioned to being the sole marketing coordinator at a government contract accounting firm, then became a marketing team lead at a medical aesthetic company. She thrives on ever-changing work days, organizing anything and everything possible, and working with people who believe in the ‘work hard, play hard’ mindset.

When not eating, sleeping, and breathing marketing, Nikki can be found spending time with her husband, son, and dog. Whether relaxing on the couch all day, running by the water, hanging by the pool, or going on family drives, they tend to always stick together. When she does get a rare moment alone Nikki enjoys reading, watching mindless reality TV shows, and blaring 90’s pop songs.

Awards & Certs
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification
  • Joined Vital '21
  • Cynosure
  • LaunchByte
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell, B.S. Marketing & Management, ‘16
Random Bits
  1. I’m a full believer in Middle-Child Syndrome.
  2. Looking to build a life that I don't need a vacation from.
  3. I’m a lover of murder mystery podcasts and documentaries, but wouldn't dare to watch a scary movie.

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