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What Moves Us: Web Design Inspiration Vol. 2

What Moves Us Web Design Inspiration Volume 2

What Inspires Our Website Design Process

As a designer for Vital Design, a top web design company based in Portsmouth, N.H. and Boston, MA, I firmly believe creativity plays a major role in the collaboration I have with all of my creative teammates.

For every new project, before we as a team begin to delve into the website design process, we like to search for great inspirational work to jump-start our creative thinking — this is a fundamental exercise we all share. We don’t just look at websites for inspiration, we also find ideas from print typography, packaging design, and even fine art. We do this because in order to create stunning design, we know we have to be informed. We believe this creative information leads to smart and functional web design.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


In the first installment of this ongoing series, “What Moves Us: Web Design Inspiration Vol. 1,” we showed you some of the things that inspired us to design and develop some of our best web design projects yet. Well, we’ve got even more new web design projects in the works and figured we’d share with you another round of what inspires us. Enjoy:

Web Design Inspiration Vol. 2 

Get Crackin’

by Danielle Evans ( @marmaladebleue
Danielle Evans@marmaladebleue

New York

by Steve Wolf (
Steve Wolf

Tiger // Solace

Amy Hamilton (
Amy Hamilton

Southern Sun Tea

Derrick Castle ( @strawcastle
Derrick Castle@strawcastle

Freshly Baked

James T. Edmondson ( @jamestedmondson
James T. Edmondson@jamestedmondson

Whisky Taste

Dina Rodriguez ( @lettershoppe
Dina Rodriguez@lettershoppe

Tongue Spank

Ryan Bosse ( @RyanBosse
Ryan Bosse@RyanBosse

Frische Corporate Design

Kristen Abmann (
Kristen Abmann

Bird from Let’s Appreciate The Planet

jD style (
jD style

The Last Of Us

Krzysztof Domaradzki (
Krzysztof Domaradzki

We hope you enjoyed this latest edition of our series focused on the role inspiration plays in the website design process. Our team of web designers continues to amaze us every single day with their ability to think creatively in order to produce prolific web design projects. And it is this ability to think outside of the box that has helped us become an award-winning website design agency.

Contact us today to see how we can begin to inspire you.

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