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Pass the Burnt Sienna


I’ll never forget what a client said one day early in my career after receiving a proposal for a logo design.

“This is what a logo costs!??!” exclaimed the client, who shall remain nameless. “A monkey with a crayon can do your job for crying out loud!”

I didn’t bother to explain that a monkey would actually have to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suites to do my job. In retrospect, it’s funny, but that experience shows you how logo estimates are sometimes received by clients who haven’t had custom design work done.

After explaining the planning, thought process, and wrist labor that designers go through, clients usually see the importance of the investment in professional help. Or they walk away laughing because we refer to moving a mouse as labor.

Whether we are designing a logo, or planning user interface and search engine optimization for a website, graphic and Web designers use a lot of experience-based knowledge and training to produce professional work. That’s why we’re in business, right? If we lack in those areas, we just wear nerdy glasses and tight jeans to make you feel like we know something you don’t. Just kidding!

If you think you need professional marketing help in design or Web, ask yourself these questions:

Is my logo or brand telling my customers what I want them to know?

Is my website content interesting and easy to read/view/hear?

How does my website show up when people in my area Google the service/product I provide?

If any of these questions are a stumbling block we can help. We don’t work for peanuts but throw in few bananas and we can talk.

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