WordPress SEO Checklist

Everything you need to know before you hit “Publish” on WordPress

Everything you need to know before you hit “Publish” on WordPress

Taking a few extra minutes to make sure your post is fully optimized will allow you to harness WordPress’ amazing SEO and content marketing power for your blog post’s content.

This free downloadable checklist will help remind you to:

  1. Optimize your post for search engines
    Ensuring that SEO best practices are implemented for body copy and meta fields will help your post be friendlier to search engines
  2. Include necessary information
    Elements such as Read More tags and Author are easy to overlook when rushing to publish post
  3. Streamline your post for viewers
    Selecting the best title(s), editing your permalink and formatting H1s and H2s can help your post’s readability for your visitors
  4. Optimize your images
    Adding relevant metadata to your images and optimizing their size and resolution will help your page’s load time and search visibility
  5. Categorize your blog post
    Category and Tag designations not only help your readers find related content throughout your site, they may also help your post’s visibility on search engines
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