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How to Find a Video Marketing Strategy That Drives Value

Video Production Services

Video content is becoming an increasingly crucial element of today’s digital marketing strategy. A few years ago, it was things like infographics and eBooks that were all the rage. But today, a truly successful digital marketing blueprint includes a versatile video marketing strategy that balances top notch production quality with scalability and most importantly — affordability.

By now it shouldn’t be any secret that video is where it’s at — B2B and B2C companies across all industries and channels are routinely spending a lot of their hard earned marketing dollars on finding a video marketing strategy that works for them. Some are doing it well. Some, not so much.

Video Marketing Content Drives TrafficThe challenge for marketing VPs and C-level executives looking to incorporate video content into their overall marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Figuring out how to get it
  • Assessing how much is enough to spend on it
  • Determining how frequently to use it

The most logical way to tackle this challenge is by choosing who you want to deliver your video content in the first place. While it may seem logical to outsource the work to a video production shop, often times you’ll get more bang for you buck by engaging a digital marketing agency that specializes in video production services — among other things of course.

Advantages of a Versatile Video Team at a Digital Marketing Agency

When the digital agency you work with has video marketing as part of its suite of monthly retainer services, this means your company has access to video content whenever and wherever it needs it. A top-notch digital agency with a professional video marketing strategy will essentially be at your beck and call, and will bring video content ideas to you each month or quarter as they see fit.

Additionally, a digital agency skilled in video marketing services will more often than not be able to build you an evolving library of video content, including B-Roll. This not only allows you the ability to be versatile when it comes to the type of video you want to shoot, but it also will save you a boatload of money on the back end.

Working with an agency that creates a video library of B-Roll enables cost savings that are more often than not available with video production shops. While there may be an initial upfront cost to shoot and produce video — anywhere between $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 — a digital agency is able to produce most video thereafter at a much cheaper rate.

This is because they’ve invested the hours on the front end to ensure any additional work needed to produce a new video has the B-Roll it needs to streamline the production process. Another benefit of this approach is that it allows your video team the time to work on enhancing your video content even further — with things like custom graphics, video animations and illustrations.

The Days of Outsourcing Video Content Services Are Over

Vital used to outsource its video services. Not anymore. Within the last five years we’ve invested heavily in our video marketing services — spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on equipment and working to attract talented videographers to our staff.

Our video production services department is now filled with skilled videographers, producers, writers, editors and more. Not only is our video team filled with homegrown talent, but it also features top notch videographers who spent time honing their skills in Hollywood, as well as traveling around the world with real life rock bands.

Everything we’ve learned while bolstering our video content team has taught us that creating a versatile video marketing strategy as mentioned above is the most affordable and efficient way to approach video content today.

We used to have to charge an exorbitant amount to shoot video for our client, but by adhering to our video marketing strategy we’ve been able to drive the cost down considerably. This not only saves our clients money, but allows us to tell their stories across all channels and sales funnels in a more efficient way.

A Video Marketing Strategy That Drives Value

Our video team has been shooting and producing more and more videos for our clients each month — across both our Digital Marketing and Creative Services departments.

As our digital marketing department has grown, we’ve integrated video production services alongside blogging, SEO, email marketing, social media, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and more. And all the while we’ve been working to interweave video into our monthly digital marketing retainers, we’ve learned a lot and seen some great results.

Video Marketing Strategy Stats

One of the things that has made our video marketing strategy successful is our adherence to truly understanding the audience of our clients by getting to know their Buyer Personas and mapping their Buyer’s Journey. This includes information such as which platforms their ideal audience is likely to be using at what times — and how they prefer to consume different types of information.

Our Creative Services department, which includes project-based web design and development, has also been using more video to enhance new and redesigned websites. This effort includes shooting interview-style CEO messages and company overview videos for homepages, both for the SEO benefits and to build trust with our clients’ visitors.

Check out some the recent work we’ve done on behalf of our clients:

Vital founder Zac Gregg said the growth of the video services department over the years has allowed the digital agency to expand its marketing repertoire in more ways than one.

“The growth of our video department and expansion of in-house video producing skills has allowed us to make some impressive videos for our clients that incorporate animated graphics and custom illustrations to complement on-site video shoots that we do for our clients to enhance their storytelling around products and services,” said Gregg. “We’ve also been able to create some incredible video content for our own website as well.”

Check out this video we created for our own website featuring one of Vital’s most favorite employee benefits — Catered Lunches:

Having invested heavily in the infrastructure needed to offer the suite of video production services Vital offers today, Gregg said it’s been money well spent.

“We’re able to offer a full-service video production team at a fraction of the cost of other professional video shops,” said Gregg. “But the real value add comes with the fact that we’re able to intermingle our digital marketing expertise in such a way that turns these videos into traffic driving and lead converting assets. The value of video content unparalleled.”

Want to Check Out More of Our Video Production Portfolio?

Video marketing is a trend that will be around for the long haul — but that doesn’t mean that you should be jumping on the bandwagon without a smart video marketing strategy.

If you’re wondering what kind of video would work best for your company, and how you should implement it into your overall marketing strategy, we can help with that. Contact us to find out how our video production services can help you engage your prospects, delight your fans and tell your story better.

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