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What is a Conversion?

So … What is a Conversion?

The definition of conversion depends on the function of your website. If you sell products on your website, a conversion is a purchase. If the goal of your website is to get people to contact you for a consultation or quote, a conversion is a contact form submission. If you want people to call you, a conversion is a phone call (your marketing agency can track which phone calls come from the website).

There is a wide variety of tactics we use for increasing the conversion rate of your site. User interface/user experience design can push visitors through your website in a strategic pattern that will eventually drive them to a conversion page. Once they are on that page, we use strategies like removing the top navigation so that visitors do not leave the page until they’ve converted.

Having a defined conversion strategy is key to increasing sales with your website.  Your website is a big investment and it should be profitable. Adding an effective conversion strategy to your new site, or retrofitting an old site for conversion rate optimization, can drive more sales leads to your sales team and increase your profits.

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